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Recent content by rhymenoserous

  1. rhymenoserous

    Carmina Shoes - Definitive Thread (reviews, advice, sizing, etc...)

    Is there a leather gallery of swatches or finished shoes to get a better picture of all the leather options Carmina has for custom orders?
  2. rhymenoserous

    Carmina Shoes - Definitive Thread (reviews, advice, sizing, etc...)

    My very first Carminas so I had to post.
  3. rhymenoserous

    Jordan 1 High alternative?

    Love love love Jordan 1 Highs. Don't love the resell prices. Any brands out there with good high top alternatives? YSL sl10h is one; any others?
  4. rhymenoserous

    Carmina Shoes - Definitive Thread (reviews, advice, sizing, etc...)

    Carmina have decent Black Friday sales or should I just order my jodhpurs now?
  5. rhymenoserous

    Your favorite chelsea boot brand?

    Thanks for the feedback. I have checked out CS, L&T, and Bonafe but each has it's drawbacks for me. The L&T too bulbous, CS too point/don't like the side stitching, and Bonafe is awesome, but some hit and miss chelsea styling for me. Sounds like I can get near Carmina level quality from TLB for...
  6. rhymenoserous

    Your favorite chelsea boot brand?

    I'm looking to get more chelsea boots. They are my FAVORITE leather shoe style. Look sexy, great all year round, and by far the easiest to get on and off for when I'm in a hurry/tired. I already have a brown suede Charles Tyrwhitt (great beater boot with a rubber sole) and a pebble grain Taft...
  7. rhymenoserous

    Ask A Question, Get An Answer... - Post All Quick Questions Here (Classic menswear)

    Yanko vs TLB Mallorca quality? Calf leather and construction. Seeing if I should pay an extra $90 for the TLB chelsea boot over the Yanko.
  8. rhymenoserous

    What's your take on the quality of TLB Mallorca vs Yanko? Thanks,

    What's your take on the quality of TLB Mallorca vs Yanko? Thanks,
  9. rhymenoserous

    Carmina Shoes - Definitive Thread (reviews, advice, sizing, etc...)

    I read that there is a $35 return fee, but are shipping fees waived if I just need to exchange size up/down? Also, sizing advice for Simpson, Rain, and Inca. I have narrow feet US 8.5 C/B Thanks,
  10. rhymenoserous

    What is the best value shoe maker you know?

    +1 for the Beckman shout out. Wood clogs to start but buttery smooth 2 weeks later.
  11. rhymenoserous

    Zonkey Boot Appreciation Thread

    Would love to see these suede/calf on foot IRL if anyone has em.
  12. rhymenoserous

    Jodhpurs. Are they a hassle to put on?

    Or do they slip on slip off?
  13. rhymenoserous

    Jodhpur boot recommendations sub $500?

    That's what I hear from the forums. Even at twice the price of Meermins, Carmina customer service and returns are a headache. Hear the same with Meermin, but the gamble is have that of Carmina. Are you liking your Meermin Chelseas?
  14. rhymenoserous

    Jodhpur boot recommendations sub $500?

    Looking for some jodhpur boots sub $500. Would prefer sub $300 if there are decent pairs out there. Preferably black. Never had jodhpurs before but I love the look and the slip on slip off easy wear. Are Meermin's any good? They look great on the website for the money, but I have no experience...

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