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    What's the deal with this guy in the bathroom? (Public Bathroom Etiquette)

    Is this mystery still unsolved?
  2. R

    The Rubinacci Thread.

    I believe many of Crompton's bespoke commissions have some gimmick or another. That's how he likes it.
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    The Rubinacci Thread.

     hmm... no. It's clearly bespoke, made for the wearer, very difficult to get at your average yard sale.
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    The Rubinacci Thread.

    looks fine to me, I think some people let their personal attitudes or prejudices guide their judgements. My feeling is the jacket could use 1-2cm more length, and the pockets are..uh..probably exactly where he wanted them. Otherwise it fits well for what it is. I think he's torquing...
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    Cool Shoes, Paraphernalia & Desiderata - Part II

     This is made by Caruso, just as the seller claims.
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    How do you buy ties?

    costanza, Last time I checked Harry Rosen was running a tie sale, with some nice Drake's grenadines, especially at the Bloor location. Not sure if it's still on.
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    In this thread you ask how to behave in restaurants and other locations, and people who have been ou

     As a server, I would too. As a cook I would take it as a compliment.
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    Zegna MTM

    Zegna for $5000? that's couture-level. I guess one would have to get comparable fabrics in order to compare prices.
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    Zegna MTM

    What Brioni body would give you something along the lines of Zegna Milano, though? I'm fairly familiar with Brioni's Nomentano, but that one has the strong Roman shoulders and full body, so looks nothing like current Zegnas. Is there a Brioni model that comes close? BTW, I was under the...
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    people who bitch about tipping are scum?

    I don't think there's ever been a thread that started in DT and ended up in CE via a short stay in SL. Keep it up, people!
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    Site Topics - Part II

    Spoo, Sunday at 5am? Are you going fishing or something? ;)
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    Suit shoulder problem (pictures inside)

    Is it possible that the problematic shoulder is pitched forward compared to the other one, i.e., if you stand sideways, does one should protrude further than the other? (I mean your actual shoulders, not the suit's)
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    In this thread you ask how to behave in restaurants and other locations, and people who have been ou

     Still holding a grudge from '96? TKD competitor or not, most people would probably remove their foot when asked politely. Use sign language if required. Note, olympic TKD is hardly useful when seated.
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    Site Topics - Part II

     Since you can read Spoo, probably not.
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    Don't Go to Grad School

    I had to pay tuition, but got income from the university that exceeded that amount by enough to not starve (some would say enough to live). It's almost an accounting issue whether you want to count that as paying tuition. But if you don't get any stipend, and don't do teaching work, etc, your...

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