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Recent content by ramair57

  1. ramair57

    Can someone help me regarding shirt fit?

    I am having a few custom shirts made, as I am sick of poorly fitting shirts off the rack. I have an athletic build, and I am sick of trying to squeeze my arms into slim fit shirts, just so I can get a clean look around the torso. In any event, I like the look of "high armholes&quot...
  2. ramair57

    Finally have some pics; advice for tailoring my new blazer?

    thanks so much guys. As for the too big comments, I tried on a 38 (this is a 40), and its too small. Its tight, I feel like the buttons gonna pop when I lift my arm, and its very uncomfortable. I think this may be the size I may have to stick with. I guess my plan is to tell the tailor to...
  3. ramair57

    Finally have some pics; advice for tailoring my new blazer?

    k, awesome; you guys are the best. Appreciate all the help
  4. ramair57

    Finally have some pics; advice for tailoring my new blazer?

    Douglas, I just looked at the tag, and you may be right Oh well, Im sure she meant well, and the cloth is really nice. Its gotta be better than the express blazer I was wearing previous to this! The best I can do is have a good tailor job I guess. A bit disappointed now, but oh well...
  5. ramair57

    Finally have some pics; advice for tailoring my new blazer?

    defintely gonna get the sleeves shortened (I like about a half inch of cuff to show); sorry for the ignorance, but when you say to "clean up the back", what exactly do you mean. I just wanna be sure Im leading the tailor in the right direction; Im a bit of a newbie at this, so bare with me
  6. ramair57

    Finally have some pics; advice for tailoring my new blazer?

    My girlfriend, bless her heart, got me a really nice Zegna blazer. Ive honestly probably never had a blazer that was so expensive before, so I wanna make sure the alterations are superb. Problem is, I just moved upstate, and Im not really familiar with any tailors that I can really trust. I'm...
  7. ramair57

    Getting my blazer tailored tomorrow; advice?

    aldica, thats a good idea, but the best stores have their own tailors, and I dont think theyd do items that werent purchased there
  8. ramair57

    Getting my blazer tailored tomorrow; advice?

    Ill try to post some pictures; I dont have a camera, but Ill see what I can do
  9. ramair57

    Getting my blazer tailored tomorrow; advice?

    Im taking my new Ermenegildo Zegna blazer to get tailored tomorrow. Im getting the sleeves shortened, obviously, to show about a half inch of cuff (I like a bit more), but I was wondering if there were any other "must do" alterations that you guys do with blazers? Im a bit of a...
  10. ramair57

    Length of "dressy" jeans

    thats what I figured; so what do you guys think, a slight break?
  11. ramair57

    Length of "dressy" jeans

    Just bought a pair of Moschino medium wash jeans. Theyre cut pretty slim (very similar to dress pants) and because theyre darker, I can wear them dressier to dinner and stuff. Anyway, Ill probably only wear these with shoes or loafers, so I was wondering how long they should be. should I have...
  12. ramair57

    Some advice needed for a pair of trousers...

    lol, cmon guys. help me out
  13. ramair57

    Some advice needed for a pair of trousers...

    I need a new pair of dress pants for work; recently, Ive purchased a pair of prada and dolce & gabbana, and while they are very nice pants, i feel as though they are just way too tight for me. I have a 33 inch waist, but I have pretty big legs, so the pants always look uncomfortably tight...
  14. ramair57

    Deodorant that wont stain shirts?

    any recommendations (preferably something u can get at a normal store)? I dont wanna ruin expensive stuff
  15. ramair57

    What do you guys think of Stefano Ricci shirts?

    Are they worth the money? How about Brioni? Im looking to splurge on a dress shirt, and really dont know much about these. Is there a popular consensus "best dress shirt", or even a few brands that are highly regarded? Thanks ahead of time

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