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Recent content by puzzledexpression

  1. puzzledexpression

    Books on sartorial matters

    Cuffthis: what about Keers, A Gentleman's Wardrobe? Of the books you have in your list, which are the most indispensable and which two or three would you give to your sartorially-challenged best friend? Paul44: I'd like to read the Cary Grant article if you've got the time to do the...
  2. puzzledexpression

    Sales in London

    Shirts, pocket squares: Turnbull and Asser or New and Lingwood (both in Jermyn St). Plenty of sale stock still left. Silk knots: widest choice is at Lewin's (Jermyn St). Heavy duty country brogues: they may not have anything 'heavy' enough but there is a good sale at George Cleverley's (Royal...
  3. puzzledexpression

    Edward Green Sale

    I received a postcard from Edward Green's this morning. It states (as previously posted) that the sale will begin at 9.00am on Tuesday, 4 January 2005. See you there.
  4. puzzledexpression

    Henry Maxwell

    Glanced in the window of Foster & Sons on Jermyn St today. They also have some shoes by Henry Maxwell in the display. Does anyone know who makes these? Couple of models looked quite nice...
  5. puzzledexpression

    Sales in London

    OK, I didn't get a suit anywhere. I wanted an everyday black suit for 'work' but there wasn't much choice. The only one in E&R was a 3 button peaked lapel "Cocktail Suit" with a paisley lining - bit blingtastic for my taste. There was also a lightweight two button black suit in...
  6. puzzledexpression

    Sales in London

    I will be in London for a quick trawl through the sales tomorrow. Actually, if I can pick up a £550 E&R suit for £300, I'll be pretty pleased...
  7. puzzledexpression

    Sales in London

    Just to fill out this very useful information which Nonk has supplied: John Lobb, Jermyn Street - sale starts 29 Dec Swaine Adeney, St James - sale starts 28 Dec Edward Green, Burlington Arcade - sale starts 4 January All three telephones were answered promptly and my enquiries were met with...
  8. puzzledexpression

    London and RTW

    Gieves & Hawkes sale starts on Monday, 27 December. So does Ede & Ravenscroft. New & Lingwood are beginning their Winter Sale next week sometime...
  9. puzzledexpression

    London and RTW

    The sales will still be on, but the best bargains will probably have been snapped up by then. You might want to consider visiting the Chester Barrie facxtory shop in Crewe. Having heard good things about CB on this forum and on Ask Andy I visited the shop a couple of weeks ago. I got two...
  10. puzzledexpression

    UK Aquascutum suits

    The Ask Andy Forum seems to be down at the moment and I'd started a thread there about Aquascutum. Does anyone have any comments about the quality and styling of Aquascutum RTW suits in the UK. I'm going to be near the factory shop soon and thought I might drop in...
  11. puzzledexpression

    New pair of brogues

    Thanks for the news, bengal-stripe. I will hang on until I can compare shoes made on the new last with the older lasts that I know work well for me (202 and 606). I have a very broad foot, so the 82 may represent a bit of a challenge, but we shall see... Regards, Puzzled
  12. puzzledexpression

    New pair of brogues

    No helpful word of advice or encouragement for me? I'll be in the shops tomorrow afternoon. My oen preference is a pair of EG Plymouths... Puzzled
  13. puzzledexpression

    New pair of brogues

    I want to buy a new pair of brown brogues or perhaps half-brogues.  Something in a darkish brown, fairly 'relaxed' (single sole, not double) that could be worn with jeans or moleskins on a Saturday, but that would polish up nicely for church on a Sunday.  I'm thinking of going to John Lobb...
  14. puzzledexpression

    The bottom of your shoes

    And what about shoecream... should it be applied to the sole? Both polish or cream if used should be neutral in colour?
  15. puzzledexpression


    Clearing out my father's house recently and have rescued two sets of excellent trouser hangers.  They are wooden bars, lined with felt, which then fold together clipping a pair of trousers at the ankles.  The hook part of the hanger then snaps into position to secure the trousers in place...

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