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Recent content by PunctualAlex

  1. PunctualAlex

    Help with FAKE nudies

    $235 Australian... which would be around $180-90 US? Still pricey...
  2. PunctualAlex

    so I got my first rrds earlier today...

    I was way less impressed with my nudies in person than I would've guessed from all of the reviews and pictures and fanboyism online. I still like them a lot, but they're not all you might think given what some people on the internet say about them. But I got mine for cheap, so still not a bad...
  3. PunctualAlex

    Help with FAKE nudies

    first nudie back pockets ive liked. But it looks kind of weird with the orange stitching everywhere else... reminds me of a washed pair I saw with blue or black stitching everywhere else on the jean and then the BRIGHT FREAKIN' ORANGE back pocket. I wish they would just stick to the same color...
  4. PunctualAlex

    LeRoy Jenkins: Yay or Nay?

    I love the red houndstooth hoodie... but I would wear it in probably the opposite manner as anyone on that site (i.e. super tight). but damn. red houndstooth hoodie... huh.
  5. PunctualAlex

    Worn in raw denim

    I've always wondered about this: As soon as someone breaks in a pair, they are looking forward to their next pair. But the whole point is to fade them well so that they will look cool... I am currently breaking in a pair and I can't wait until they start losing indigo like crazy. After that I'll...
  6. PunctualAlex

    What Are You Wearing Now/Today Part I

    Thanks SO much to all of you...Will write a genreal reply to all over the weekend and outline what I was trying to do.... Cheers, Wade I know I'm a bit late but I love the french cuffs and jeans...
  7. PunctualAlex

    OK to sleep in denim?

    Then I'd suggest just getting a different pair of jeans, or perhaps do some normal activity that speeds up the fading, like bicycling. To actually sleep with ones jeans on has got to be the most extreme case of fashion victim-ness I've heard in a long time. Does biking really speed up the...
  8. PunctualAlex

    Earl denim 75% off (Nudies on sale too)

    Eh... they look like a baggy, unremarkable boot-cut to me. Sorry dude.
  9. PunctualAlex

    Tight in the news....

    haha! I read that article and thought to myself "I'm going to post in this thread about what a worthless turd of an article that was." I am so late.
  10. PunctualAlex

    fall essentials

    Pea Coat. But... that's been a fall essential for as long as I can remember. If you want something new... cowboy shirts. Every college campus in the USA is going to have hundreds of them this fall, except mine, where I am the only one! haha!
  11. PunctualAlex

    do u wear a chain wallet?

    In high school I used to have my wallet on like a 4-foot chain that banged off everything and clinked when I tried to sit down. That was the only way we had to separate all of us cool kids from all of the jocks and preps and normal kids. The all-black outfits and combat boots and spiked hair and...
  12. PunctualAlex

    Recent purchases

    fucking lad musician beautiful goddamn leather jacket and I have to pay the damn rent... bah
  13. PunctualAlex

    GQ's essentials for fall

    The big sunglasses thing is just a continuation of the girls' trend which has been hassling people for a few years now, I don't really see many men picking up on that. However, I do love the coat on the model in the first picture... The duffel coat is pretty beautiful also. I like the idea of...
  14. PunctualAlex

    Recent purchases

    Got a call from my salesgal at Paul Smith yesterday that the new Fall/Winter 06 shoes started to arrive so I meandered over and picked these up, exactly what I had been wanting him to make for Fall....dood reads my mind burgundy brogued boots, (jeans hiked up) amazingly soft leather, goodyear...
  15. PunctualAlex


    I have been doing the same thing recently... I even realize that it's happening, but I haven't stopped yet. I think (in my case anyway) it's a sort of fashion immaturity. I only recently started caring about the way I look, and so I've been trying everything trying to see what works for me. I...

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