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Recent content by ptolbert

  1. ptolbert

    Some shoe porn for a Monday

    I love the lacing. How did you do it?
  2. ptolbert

    What do you guys thing of wearing the watch

    I do it everyday, my watch bands, other than grosgrain and leather, leave me with a nasty rash on my wrist.
  3. ptolbert

    corduroy jacket for fall

    I work at JAB- this year's cord is better than last year's. It will be a good jacket for 2-3 years if you wear it daily.
  4. ptolbert

    Creases on new shoes

    When I got my Aldens, my friend who sold them to me broke the vamp. Ie He took two wooden dowels and put them on either side of where the crease should be, and had me flex. Voila- perfect creases.
  5. ptolbert

    How to avoid creasing one's shirt while sitting?

    Wrinkle free shirts do the trick, though taboo here and at AA, no wrinkles showing.
  6. ptolbert

    Shirt construction question- top button rollover

    I think he's speaking about the fabric above the top button hole, is rolling a bit, causing his tie to sit lower on the collar. I have the same problem, I correct it with a straight pin.
  7. ptolbert

    Adding more waist suppression to a jacket

    Depending what you need done, the typicall term is side seams in, or front panel. Side seams involves taking in material on both sides of the seam, front panel only is just taking in on the front. It shouldnt cost you more than $20 to do either of the options.
  8. ptolbert

    Can size of vents be increased???

    typically, a vent overlays some fabric, so you'd have to find a tailor who can create a new overlay.
  9. ptolbert

    Ttile for Manton's book!

    From Crown to Toe, the Proper Elegance of Dress
  10. ptolbert

    Altering pleated to flat front pants

    Well, if it is a nice suit, ie really nice OTR (an oxymoron of course), most of them come with pleats, and some people just dont work well with pleats.
  11. ptolbert

    Altering pleated to flat front pants

    It shouldnt, because the pants are recut, as if a new patterm were made.Takes out from either side of the fly, thus the pockets rest where they should.
  12. ptolbert

    Altering pleated to flat front pants

    We offer this service at work, we charge 55 or 65 depending where the trousers are purchased. it basically involves removing the waistband, and recutting the trouser through the wiast and seat. It is time intensive, and I would only leave such work to a well skilled tailor.
  13. ptolbert

    New Suit, Please Comment

    You may ask them to lower the collar a bit, you've a tad of a roll there. Also, there is some volume in the back around the center seem, did they suggest to take it in a smidge?
  14. ptolbert

    Help me select a 22" expandable Roller (luggage)

    Jos. A Bank has a 21" for $99 this week, its made by Tumi so It cant be all bad.
  15. ptolbert

    Pant Tailoring Question

    It can be brought in up to 3 inches before you need to have the pant recut, then there is no restriction on amount.

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