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Recent content by Preparatory

  1. Preparatory

    Random Fashion Thoughts (Part 3: Style farmer strikes back) - our general discussion thread

    Nice pieces. Way to expensive though. Looking for pricepoints around $80-120 for a hoodie.
  2. Preparatory

    Random Fashion Thoughts (Part 3: Style farmer strikes back) - our general discussion thread

    So guys, I am rethinking my style of clothing but needs a bit of help. I am leaning towards a style that I would describe as minimalistic street with an edge. I am thinking denim, t shirts, clean hoodies, sneakers, cargo pants, all with a little luxurious touch to it and small details. Would...
  3. Preparatory

    Looking for a black washed hoodie

    Hi guys, I am looking for a quality black washed hoodie without any big logos or prints. Do you have any suggestion? Planning to wear in under a bomber or denim jacket.
  4. Preparatory

    Scarf basics 101

    Bumping this. For a navy overcoat, which solid scarf would be the best option; Camel och Light Grey? I know that both works fine but cant decide between them as I am only getting one of them for now.
  5. Preparatory

    Dress pants to go with light brown jacket?

     Yes of course, but put that aside, I'm just discussing color-matching and what color of pants goes with the jacket.
  6. Preparatory

    Dress pants to go with light brown jacket?

    Hi, I just bought this one: http://statics.suitsupply.com/images/products/Jackets/large/Jackets_Light_Brown_Plain_Havana_C1021_Suitsupply_Online_Store_5.jpg And would like to get some opinions on which trousers to go with it. I'm thinking light grey or light brown flannel. Any other...
  7. Preparatory

    RL Custom fit vs Slim fit

    Hi, I am wondering how big of a difference it is between the two fits. Usually I wear Small in Custom Fit but it fits a bit too tight in arms and shoulders so I am thinking about giving the Medium Slim Fit a try. Anyone with experience from both fits? How would the medium Slim fit be compared to...
  8. Preparatory

    Difference between dress trousers and suit trousers?

     So the only difference is terms of construction is the silk tape? I've seen dress trousers without that kind of silk tape so that would make it the same thing. For example these "dress trousers": http://eu.suitsupply.com/en_SE/trousers/grey-trousers/B288.html?start=15&cgid=Trousers I...
  9. Preparatory

    Difference between dress trousers and suit trousers?

    Can anyone explain it to me? Always been asking myself what the difference is..
  10. Preparatory

    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    It is not a question about value.. To me these shoes are worthless..
  11. Preparatory

    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    What a nonsense! So to get my new pair of shoes to look alike I will have to spray them?!
  12. Preparatory

    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

  13. Preparatory

    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    Just received my firat pair of Meermins and I must say it was a disappointment! The suede on the left shoe seems to be damaged as it has become thready and is of lighter color than the right one!
  14. Preparatory

    Black tie cufflinks?

    Hi everyone, I am getting married in two weeks and have received my MTM Mabro tux which fits like a glove! Now the only thing missing is a pait of cufflinks. The tux is midnight blue with black peak lapels. I would like the cufflinks to be simple and clean black ones. I have also checked out...
  15. Preparatory

    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    I'm thinking about ordering a pair of double monks from Meermin in either suede or calf. Which one is more versatile? Suede or calf?

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