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Recent content by palladio211

  1. palladio211

    The Official RRL Thread

    You look great in that jacket, and the fit is right on. It's such an interesting design, you'll never see anyone else across the street in one. I've bought a few things from RRL that I thought might be a bit over the top, but when I wear them, they always get more compliments than any of the...
  2. palladio211

    The Official RRL Thread

    Thanks for the memories and the laugh, I needed it today! I've lived in Greenwich Village for 20+ years and had forgotten all about the Village People. If you put together a truly representative "Village People" band today, it would have to be a hedge fund manager, a Chinese oligarch's kid...
  3. palladio211

    The Official RRL Thread

    RRL has made several overcoats in the past in a similar vein that were unusual, and I thought very appealing. But as you said, I couldn't think of an occasion where I could get away with wearing one, other than maybe to a Christmas party in Manhattan (or should I say Brooklyn these days lol)...
  4. palladio211

    The Official RRL Thread

    Thanks for the info!
  5. palladio211

    The Official RRL Thread

    Can someone confirm/explain the "spend $1000 and get $500" off sale? So it's only in store, only RRL, and only full price items? I can't find anything online about it. I usually live in NYC a few blocks from the old Bleecker St store, and shopped there for years before they closed it...
  6. palladio211

    The Official RRL Thread

    That sweater jacket looks great. What year/season is that from?
  7. palladio211

    The Official RRL Thread

    +1. I bought one at the store (now closed) on Bleecker St, and it's maybe my favorite RRL piece out of the many I've owned. Around that time I also bought the dark blue corduroy vest with stripes. I'd never worn vests up until then, but I really like them now. I get a lot of use out of...
  8. palladio211

    The Official RRL Thread

    I have a size Large Wool/Cashmere sweater/shirt with a sort of western blanket pattern that I have decided to return. Since it's sold out I thought I'd offfer it to anyone here who is interested and missed it during the sale. It retailed for $795 and I paid $522 including tax. I'd sell it for...
  9. palladio211

    The Official RRL Thread

    This design is based on a military issue flight jacket. Flight jackets are usually cut so they sit at or just above the beltline. That way they don't buch up or interfere with a seat/parachute harness when worn seated in the cockpit. That probably doesn't help your dilemma, but at least you...
  10. palladio211

    The Official RRL Thread

  11. palladio211

    The Official RRL Thread

    Anyone have an opinion on the shawl collar indigo cotton/wool cardigan from this season? I'd post a pic, but there's no way to access sold out items from the website. Speaking of which, I wish they'd leave up the whole year's collection online and simply mark items as "sold out".
  12. palladio211

    How much clothing is really enough?

    The issue with having a small rotation is that if one of your favorite quality items wears out, it's a bit frustrating. I'm considering now buying more than 1 of the same item if I see a good deal as long as it's a basic. I have too many clothes in my closet but a fairly small "rotation" as you...
  13. palladio211

    The perils of overdoing it.

    For example I was castigated for suggesting that a beginner might team a Hermes tie with navy blue suit and white shirt. This seems to me a far less egregious sin than some of the suggested "sophisticated" combos I've seen promoted here. What's wrong with a Navy suit, Hermes tie and white...
  14. palladio211

    RMW Comfort Craftsman - a few questions

    1) It is available by special order in F width. I own a CC in 10 F, which I special ordered through the NYC store. 2) They do look slightly different. The Comfort sole protrudes and is thicker, and the toe box of mine doesn't look quite as "chiseled" for some reason. 3) The...
  15. palladio211

    Opinions please on this take on Black Tie from Prince Charles

    Precisely the look I hanker after and mentioned above ie. the Charles Ryder look. : So a neighbor loaned me their disc set of Brideshead Revisited yesterday and I fast forwarded to the formal/evening scenes. When in black tie, everyone is wearing a detachable wing collar, single breasted...

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