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Recent content by nobopyon

  1. nobopyon

    The Official RRL Thread

    Now, that you mentioned it, i went over Japan website and UK website, they both has this limited edition Pea Coat, that we don't have on US website... :(
  2. nobopyon

    The Official RRL Thread

    are those 2020AW? the hand knit wool cardigan one looks to be all sold out on Brit RRL online store.... I wonder if they will release in US... I don't remember seeing this cardigan on 2020AW catalog though..
  3. nobopyon

    The Official RRL Thread

    oh, great! thank you!
  4. nobopyon

    The Official RRL Thread

    Since there is no RRL flagship store where I live.. anyone know when do those 2020 AW items will show up on website?
  5. nobopyon

    The Official RRL Thread

    Personally, i do like the cardigan, i think, it's just your current outfit to go with the cardigan isn't really particularly match with the color hue of the cardigan, therefore, it make the cardigan a bit too loud.. just my opinion, otherwise, i like the cardigan.
  6. nobopyon

    The Official RRL Thread

    that is one good information there, i am also sort of searching for good SA from RRL flagship myself, a few ones gave me their email address, but one ended up never replied to me, and the other one didn't seem to put any effort to find size I was looking for, and ended up the online customer...
  7. nobopyon

    The Official RRL Thread

    Thank you for answering me, it'd be great if they open one in Dallas...
  8. nobopyon

    The Official RRL Thread

    I haven't had chance to visit any RRL flagship store. Do they have items that's not on online store? (my state don't have any RRL store). and size in-stock even online shows out of stock?
  9. nobopyon

    The Official RRL Thread

    Hi, first time post anything here. I've been eyeing on RRL Indigo Leather Jacket Wallet I'm curious if anyone here who has this wallet or know the actual size? Official website state the size of height of the wallet being as 6" which won't fit Japanese yen bills, however, when I was looking...
  10. nobopyon

    The Official RRL Thread

    I live in dallas, and i saw RRL items at TJmaxx. However, either they educated themself well or something, now they price RRL stuff higher than typical TJ price. You may have better luck finding RRL stuff on TJmaxx which carry runway stuff (for women). I'm guessing for RRL stuff that...
  11. nobopyon

    The Official RRL Thread

     It sure is runway store
  12. nobopyon

    The Official RRL Thread

     you should go check out your near by TJ :)
  13. nobopyon

    The Official RRL Thread

    I know not all the tjmaxx will have designer items, but thought to let people know so they can check out their near by tjaxx. I think the denims are selling for $150 and shirts for $99. Only price I didn't check was the shorts, although the original tag says something like $480 if I'm not...
  14. nobopyon

    The Official RRL Thread

    I hopped into TJ maxx this evening, and surprised to find few RRL, I'm pretty sure it's old season's but thought to mentioned in here.. I took pictures of them as well... :P
  15. nobopyon

    The Official RRL Thread

     no, no, it was other thread... i was reading... RRL thread is cool :) sorry for the confusion... when I meant "here" as "this forum" I'm not gonna pin point which thread... don't want to create something just because how I felt..

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