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Recent content by NathanArmstrong

  1. NathanArmstrong

    What Make belt for suit?

    I'm looking for a couple of good quality belts....I recently got into suits...purchased a couple of Hickey Freeman suits and now want to find quality belts to match with them. Looking to keep the price under 150 each. What are the forum members suggestions?
  2. NathanArmstrong

    What make Ties to buy?

    Price range id like to keep it under 100 each... I'm a slimmer guy with modern fitting suits (nothing too slim)....looking for 3 inch ties. What does the hive think about Brooks Brothers Ties?
  3. NathanArmstrong

    What make Ties to buy?

    Looking for good quality Ties.....who's makes quality ties?
  4. NathanArmstrong

    What make belt to for Navy and Black Suits

    I'm in the market for a good belt to wear with Black, Navy, and Charcoal suits. What should I look for a quality belt? What makers to look at?
  5. NathanArmstrong

    What names to go with for Tuxedo?

    It just states * formal attire required*
  6. NathanArmstrong

    What names to go with for Tuxedo?

    Would a black suit be considered proper attire to wear to a gala dinner instead of wearing a tux?
  7. NathanArmstrong

    What names to go with for Tuxedo?

    As for budget, I would like to keep it under 1k....Early 20s, lean frame, 5'10 155lbs.....wear 38 regular in suits. I like the modern fit, narrower lapels.
  8. NathanArmstrong

    What names to go with for Tuxedo?

    Looking into buying first Tux....I've alwaysed rented for the ocassion. I wanted some insight on what names to look at and looking for amodern fit Tux. I want to top quality fabric, look, and style. -Nathan

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