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    Suitsupply NYC

    As Kimistry said, I think the ideal distance from end of the sleeve to the center of first button should be no less than 1.25 inches. I've pushed the boundaries to 1 inch on some of my jackets, but I wouldn't go any further as it already looks slightly off to my eye.
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    Friday Challenge (ends Dec 7): Turtleneck time

    I've found quite a few as I fell in love with turtlenecks recently. As you can see, I was shopping for sunglasses during this last month.
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    Suitsupply NYC

    Shouldn't be too much of a shock because outlets suits and jackets are generally discounted at about 50% off of their original prices from what I noticed and throughout this last year there has been some consistent price increases on some suits, so it certainly makes sense. I also noticed that...
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    Suitsupply NYC

    I personally own four Hudsons and two Havanas including sport coats and they definitely fit differently. Like Blair said, the shoulder construction alone is a major difference. I think a lot of people really love the slightly pleated shoulder on the Hudson which is why they started to make some...
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    Suitsupply NYC

    I've visited the Brookfield Place location once and it's safe to say its a much smaller store and isn't worth visiting unless you happen to work or be close by in the area.
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    Suitsupply NYC

    The bloomingdale location is very small and limited in selection. I passed by twice and both times I remember seeing 2 reps available.
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    Suitsupply NYC

    I frequently shop at both locations and I asked around before deciding to go with Gina at Soho. I think she is the most experienced and definitely has a lot of returning clients. I read your post too quickly. Not sure if you're looking for made to measure, but Gina is a made to measure specialist.
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    Suitsupply NYC

    Fall/Winter collection will be available around mid to late August. If I remember correctly, last year it was the third week in August.
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    Suitsupply NYC

    Hemp wool is definitely a spring/summer fabric, but this jacket has a bit of texture and I'd wear it into the fall making it a 3 season for me.
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    Suitsupply NYC

    I tried the Jort fit a few months ago and in my recollection it wasn't as slim fitted as the Lazio. The sleeves were noticeably roomier and I found the armholes to be surprisingly low. Just take a look at this Jort jacket that I was browsing earlier. Do the armholes look too low or what?
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    Suitsupply NYC

    I agree with what Michael said, I think that if you're confident about how you like your fit and can communicate it clearly with them, then it shouldn't be an issue. I haven't done MTM yet, but when I constructed by DYOS suit I felt that they did an excellent job of helping me achieve the fit...
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    Luxire Custom Clothing - Official Affiliate Thread

    I recently put in an order for this chino and it looks like a very dark khaki in the pictures. I would appreciate it if you can post some pictures of it in natural light.
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    Luxire Custom Clothing - Official Affiliate Thread

    You can send it back, but you'll be the one paying for the costs
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    Luxire Custom Clothing - Official Affiliate Thread

    I'm looking to make some minor adjustments to the rise of my pants, but how do you guys decide on whether to adjust the front or rear rise of pants? My latest trousers have a front rise of 10.25 inches and rear rise 15.25 inches Is there a proportion or rule to follow?
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    Suitsupply NYC

    If it needs to be shortened more than about 1.5 inches, I think I'd take your tailor's advice and not try to attempt it. It'll definitely ruin the construction of the jacket especially the way the sleeves and shoulder will fit. I shortened a jacket once from the shoulder by about 1.5 inches and...

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