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Recent content by mrbig

  1. mrbig

    The Official RRL Thread

    Just got given this supposedly RRL Western; I compared it to my other buffalo ones all from the broadway store or RL.com and they all have a country of origin on the neck tag with the size, but this one only has size. it's also the only one I've ever seen with a spare poncho button in a bag...
  2. mrbig

    www.ehaberdasher.com - affiliate page

    Hi Ben! I just (as in, an hour or so ago) received a cashmere cardigan and a camelhair cardigan from you. After having a browse through here I was a bit concerned the upper arms would be too baggy or the fit would be weird... but let's put it this way: I haven't taken the first one off since...
  3. mrbig

    Anyone have experience buying from The Rake?

    Bought two pairs of Rubinacci trousers from them a couple months back. Didn't have much of an idea of how they worked, assumed they had some sort of stock on hand. They did, and my parcel shipped within 4 days. Lo and behold, only one pair of trousers arrived. Called to ask - took multiple...
  4. mrbig

    Aero Cordovan CXL FQHH Highwayman 38 - Aero Cordovan CXL FQHH Highwayman 38

    Aero Leather Clothing Highwayman 38 Cordovan Chromexcel CXL FQHH Horsehide Asking USD600 + USD60 shipping to USA, PM elsewhere. All offers considered. No Trades. Beautifully broken in though the sleeves and back with very little break in through the front. Sadly need to let this go as it no...
  5. mrbig

    Aero Cordovan CXL FQHH Highwayman 38

    mrbig submitted a new listing: Aero Cordovan CXL FQHH Highwayman 38 - Aero Cordovan CXL FQHH Highwayman 38 Read more about this listing...
  6. mrbig

    The Official RRL Thread

    I've been on the RRL denim train for years and I've only seen a handful of pairs of Cone. The vast majority of RRL rigid are the proprietary 15oz (or so) woven in Japan.
  7. mrbig

    The Official RRL Thread

    I'm pretty sure RRL splits the drops into 4 seasons rather than two. Spring is online now, but summer is not
  8. mrbig

    The Official RRL Thread

    Have you tried Left Field? I did. I liked them. They use weird (read: interesting but not things you'd think of) denims and have nice construction. I still prefer RRL, but it's a good option for your criteria.
  9. mrbig

    The Official RRL Thread

    The heavily washed stuff tears - but it would tear just the same if I had achieved the same wash through wearing. Granted that means I would have more wears per $, but also taken more time to get the same look. The buttons falling off is an issue if you buy your garments tight. I've had...
  10. mrbig

    The Official RRL Thread

    Rios of Mercedes. From my experience with them, good construction and materials. Unlike RM Williams, their products do not reek of glue when you receive them.
  11. mrbig

    The Official RRL Thread

    The Straight Taper fits about the same, but I haven't tried on 3Sixteen's CT for a while now. I could see RRL bringing the straight taper into the fold as a regular item but it was Limited last season as a raw indigo piece and it's limited this season as a raw undyed.
  12. mrbig

    The Official RRL Thread

    About crotch blowouts/early wearing - I've had *a lot* of RRL pants and only two of them had any crotch blowouts early. Both were quite heavily washed cargos from years back and I just darned them, seemed like what they would've done in the field (?) and kept wearing. I do have a general 'if you...
  13. mrbig

    The Official RRL Thread

    Even the photos on instagram of that indigo rough out jacket make it look nice. But damn that's gotta be pricey... I mean, sure, collectible value, but I couldn't justify it :( True vintage RRL is probably easier to get and cheaper?
  14. mrbig

    "What I'm Selling on eBay" - member auctions

    Happy to do an off-eBay deal for SFers shipped & Paypal'd to USA NWB Lucchese Classics 11 D Boots Calfskin Handmade In Texas
  15. mrbig

    The Official RRL Thread

    Got a pair of Lucchese Classics, that are too big for me for sale. Tried them on around the house and confirmed I'm not a size 11. Listed on eBay but I'll happily do a sale here for $300 shipped & Paypal'd to USA, less for countries closer to Australia. Size 11 D, #6 toe with a #4 heel, 'tan'...

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