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  1. Mitch D

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    Without a doubt,Paul Reubens. There's just something very Astaireque about his sense of grace in a suit...
  2. Mitch D

    Kobe or shaq

    Given Laker owner Dr. Jerry Buss' infatuation with Kobe,and his reported displeasure at Shaq's "Give me my f-in' money" comment in the pre-season,the argument is rendered moot. It's likely that Bryant had some influence on Buss' decision to not re-sign Phil Jackson as well. Kobe hates the...
  3. Mitch D

    Edward green in seattle?

    You are very welcome,Bic.. Â Happy to help,if I can. Mitch P.S. Perhaps you could order a catalog from EG directly. This thread,from Andy's site,discusses just that: http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/F...?TOPIC_ID=2362
  4. Mitch D

    Edward green in seattle?

    Well,I stopped by Nordstrom,Mario's,and Barney's New York this afternoon (I know: Tough job,but someone has to do it ) ,and none carries Edward Green. Mario's did have some nice shoes by Gravati,Sutor Mantellassi,and J.M. Weston though.
  5. Mitch D

    Edward green in seattle?

    I thought that Butch Blum might carry EGs,but I called them this afternoon,and was told that they don't. I suppose I'll have to head downtown to do some recon. Will check out Mario's and Nordstrom,and report back soon.
  6. Mitch D

    Motorcycle jacket

    Depending on whether you're looking for a jacket that you'll actually use while riding -- with room for shoulder,elbow,and lower back armor -- or simply a motorcycle style jacket,here's a link to a Schott website,that'll give you some ideas: http://www.schottnyc.com/motorcycle_jackets.cfm...
  7. Mitch D

    Your favorite tie brands

    I choose my ties to suit my mood,so my collection runs from more conservative designs by Zegna and Charvet,to wildly colorful ones by Vitaliano Pancaldi,Robert Daskal,and Coogi. My favorite woven ties are from: Robert Talbott Best Of Class XMI Platinum,and Duchamp __ acole, Since you like...
  8. Mitch D


    Kevin, I did enjoy Disturbed's first CD,"The Sickness" (and almost wore it out,when I first got it),although I was less impressed with their follow up,"Believe." Mudvayne and Godsmack are cool (enjoy the show. I'm no Metallica fan,but Godsmack should rock.). I know you don't care for Ozzy,but...
  9. Mitch D


    artdeco73, I don't listen to much classical music -- I'm rarely patient enough to truly appreciate it -- but,in quieter moments,I do really enjoy piano jazz. My favorites include Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett,and a new discovery,the Tord Gustavsen Trio. Their new release,"Changing Places," is...
  10. Mitch D


    Brian, Thank you for your suggestions.. I'll definitely check them out. Mitch
  11. Mitch D

    Advice for new wardrobe; mtm or rtw at my budget?

    First of all,welcome to the forum.. As you peruse the older threads,and post new ones,you'll find styleForum has many very knowledgeable gentlemen,willing to help on a myriad of subjects. I have learned a great deal from them. IMO,unless your body has unusual proportions (e.g. very...
  12. Mitch D


    Brian, Actually,music has been discussed in this forum,usually in the "Entertainment and Culture" section. In a quick search,I found threads on Guster,The Avalanches,Sade,Electronica,and "Greatest American Rock Band?" Regardless,I'm always up for talking about music,and being turned on to bands...
  13. Mitch D


    I don't ever recall there being a troll problem at Andy's site -- before tonight. Server problems,and slow downloading,sure. Just some kid with nothing better to do,I guess.
  14. Mitch D

    Menswear magazine

    Here's the link to the previous thread: http://www.styleforum.net/cgi-bin....;t=2475 I've been able to find Menswear at Barnes & Noble and at a small local newsstand,here in Seattle. However,my local Borders doesn't carry the title. You could e-mail Fairchild Publications via their website...
  15. Mitch D

    Menswear magazine, new spring ed.

    Yes,it is called Menswear,from Fairchild Publications,who also publish DNR and Details. Â Â I second The Foxx's recommendation. I checked it out it tonight at my local Barnes & Noble. Nice photos. Concise articles. Excellent section on coordinating patterns. Interesting articles on Ozwald...

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