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Recent content by Mercurio

  1. Mercurio

    **The Official Shoe Care Thread: Tutorials, Photos, etc.**

    Maybe this will help: "Care For Deerskin Footwear Deerskin is easy to care for. It will stay soft even after repeatedly getting wet and dry. Because of this it is not necessary to treat it with a protection from water. Many leather protectors will darken the leather and/or affect the...
  2. Mercurio

    Boots Boots Boots - For Boot Guys Only

    As the guys at Church's know, crepe soles are impossible to keep clean, that is why they paint it on the sides as with my Ryder Maracca suede dessert boots. That could be an alternative solution if they get too dirty...
  3. Mercurio


    Could you please upload some photos of your boots? I am considering the same tundra suede boots but I haven’t seen them on feet, only the manufacturer’s images.
  4. Mercurio


    Thank you, 🙂 I would like to know how much narrower is “D” related to “F” fitting in Cheaney. Certain models seems to be exactly the same except their width (and price). https://www.cheaney.co.uk/cheaney-ingleborough-b-hiker-boot-in-mahogany-grain-leather-p665...
  5. Mercurio


    I have been looking all the offers in my size - 6 UK - at the Cheaney’s sale. A pair that got my attention is a model of boots that seems to be woman’s sizing... I assume that the width would be somehow narrower, that might not be a problem as my feet are relatively narrow and with a low...
  6. Mercurio


    Any experience with the CHEANEY Cole R Monkey Boot? Their price is similar to the Jarrow, I have doubts which one to choose... https://www.cheaney.co.uk/cheaney-cole-r-monkey-boot-in-tundra-waxy-suede-p1035 https://www.cheaney.co.uk/cheaney-jarrow-r-derby-boot-in-tundra-waxy-suede-p1030
  7. Mercurio

    Boots Boots Boots - For Boot Guys Only

    Cheaney could be another option, actually on sale: https://www.cheaney.co.uk/cheaney-isleworth-zip-up-ankle-boot-in-bronzed-espresso-calf-leather-p1003
  8. Mercurio

    Carlos Santos Shoes - Feedback & Appreciation

    You don’t need to use the Renovateur or cream so often, a good brushing and shoe trees after each use should be enough: excess conditioner can actually oversaturate the leather.
  9. Mercurio

    Boots Boots Boots - For Boot Guys Only

    Herring Churchstow by Carlos Santos A couple years ago I wrote a review on this model, that can be found here. “Herring Churchstow is a tall boot with a lightweight commando pattern sole and contrast Norwegian stitching into the upper, along with a Goodyear stitch into the sole. This double...
  10. Mercurio

    Boots Boots Boots - For Boot Guys Only

    Nice boots, they seem to be built with a Norwegian stitch, just for bad weather. Do they use some kind of “commando” sole?
  11. Mercurio

    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    You won’t regret buying from Cobbler Union: they are in a different level from your AE, Magnanni or your recent Meermin. You will enjoy top customer service and excellent shoes or boots.
  12. Mercurio


    I own both models: for my slim and low instep feet I prefer the Kempton 026 last to the Capital of the Pimlico, which is a little wider. With the 026 last I wear 6.5 UK but with the Capital last I have both 6 and 6.5 UK (calf and suede): the former a little snug during their breaking period...
  13. Mercurio


    You can still find the black calf Pimlico, not the Kempton. https://www.herringshoes.co.uk/loake/pimlico_rubber-soled-chukka-boots/black-calf Right now with 20% off with “EASTER2020” code I suggest a look at the following thread...
  14. Mercurio

    **The Official Shoe Care Thread: Tutorials, Photos, etc.**

    You will find different web pages with suggestions on the matter such as: https://theinventory.com/how-am-i-supposed-to-get-blood-stains-out-of-leather-1829600548 https://www.wikihow.com/Clean-Blood-Stains-from-Leather https://www.housecleaning-tips.com/blood-stain-removal.html
  15. Mercurio

    Which type of sneakers work best on a first date?

    On your poll question, I wouldn’t go on a first date with sneakers, for me it would be a faux pas...

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