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Recent content by meowmix1891

  1. meowmix1891

    Carlos Santos Shoes - Feedback & Appreciation

    The right two. Having owned a pair of boots with brass eyelets for 2 years, I catch myself reaching over for my pairs with no eyelets. Just looks cleaner.
  2. meowmix1891

    Saint Laurent Paris - Official Thread.

    Hey guys I picked up two pairs of wyatt boots in the recent sales- a pair of black calfskin jodhpurs and a pair of "burnished tan" calfskin harness boots. Had a question about the tan ones. These are it...
  3. meowmix1891

    18 East

    Dos anyone know what the chest size is like on the medium and large andrew band shirts? Usually find myself between medium and large in most brands and adjust depending on if I want a slightly slouchy vs fitted look. Chest about 39~40'' and shoulder 19''.
  4. meowmix1891

    Leather Quality and Properties

    Hey fellas, I had a question about suede quality. I had ordered a pair of black suede western boots which came with a left side that is visually wider than the right side. I talked to the store owner who agreed to send me another pair. Right away I noticed 2 differences in the suede uppers: 1...
  5. meowmix1891

    The Official Alden Thread for 2018 - Share Reviews, Sizing, Advice, and Photos.

    Hey guys, what's the longest that you've waited on a waitlist for a ravello boot? I've been on a "confirmed" list for 4 years now. Things got pushed back after the one year mark because the "leather was disqualified". It seems like there have been a couple ravello productions in the past 3...
  6. meowmix1891

    The Official RRL Thread

    All new with tags- they were from the 2014-2016 lines. 32x32 cotton officer chinos (brown)- more of a fall/winter pair- $140 30x32 twill officer chinos (Stiff)- $135 31x32 natural twill officer chinos (stiff)- $135 32x30 Indigo clyde- $140 32x32 brown/tan clyde- $140 31x32 olive herringbone...
  7. meowmix1891

    Epaulet shop - Official Affiliate thread

    Hey Mike, do you think that the Sashiko Doyle would look "off" or be too warm during cooler spring/summer nights in SoCal? I'm looking for a go-to, casual spring/summer jacket. I'm curious how they would look once they were worn-in and lost the deep indigo hue. Wondering if the duck canvas...
  8. meowmix1891

    The Official Alden Thread for 2017 - Share Reviews, Sizing, Advice, and Photos.

    Hey guys, I haven't been on SF in a while. I've been on a ravello list for two years now and was wondering where we're at with the ravello supply. Are there any recent confirmations of production?
  9. meowmix1891

    The Official RRL Thread

    I have some new RRL chinos from past seasons for sale if anyone is interested. Too lazy to create a sale post but if I get some interest I will create one. $120 paypal and shipped per pair. 32x30 Indigo Clyde, 30x32 original (non-slim fit) twill officer chinos , 31x32 natural officer's field...
  10. meowmix1891

    Crockett & Jones for Ralph Lauren Cordovan (Marlow, Darlton, Gifford, Garran, Lindrick, McCallum, Rh

    Not sure if it will work with 9C feet but I wear 8.5D in both the giannis and the marlow wingtips.
  11. meowmix1891

    Crockett & Jones for Ralph Lauren Cordovan (Marlow, Darlton, Gifford, Garran, Lindrick, McCallum, Rh

    I tried to refrain from doing this but I have a pair of brand new Giannis in 8.5D for sale.
  12. meowmix1891

    BNIB Ralph Lauren Crockett Jones Gianni size 8.5D

    That is US sizing. I take the same size as the Ralph Lauren marlow wingtips.

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