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Recent content by malefe

  1. malefe

    Kamakura OCBD Tokyo Slim Fit

    What's the price now?
  2. malefe

    SPIER & MACKAY - Official Affiliate Thread

    Rick, have you considered offering a coat with Raglan sleeves, or a combination set in/raglan. Basically a coat that is made to be worn over a jacket or suit.
  3. malefe

    S.E.H Kelly

    Agreed. Maybe it's my americanized sensibilities, love the jacket back but the pockets are aesthetically off--overly utilitarian and slung low, then again I also shop at target
  4. malefe

    S.E.H Kelly

    20190414_235355 by malefe posted Apr 15, 2019 at 9:14 AMIMG_33941 by malefe posted Apr 15, 2019 at 9:15 AM Paul, thank you so much again for this amazing rust cord trench, it has served me well in the icy sewers near chicago
  5. malefe

    The Uniqlo Thread

    Yea I got the pocketable parka, love the colour scheme but it's basically a summer beach jacket it is so crazy thin and uh pocket-able
  6. malefe

    The Official Drake's London Appreciation Thread

    Well dang, anyone know the fabric weight on their coats? Particularly the raglan sleeve one, or the tweeds?
  7. malefe

    ٭٭٭ No Man Walks Alone - Official Affiliate Thread ٭٭٭ (a.k.a. I shouldn't have slept on it)

    Absolutely agreed, Jamieson's look great and are very warm. But I love my Merz sweats for more physical activities, there's more give in the cotton fabric
  8. malefe

    S.E.H Kelly

    Absolutely! Thank you
  9. malefe

    S.E.H Kelly

    Apologies, rookie question here. But concerning collars, do you have any plans for a proper ulster collar? Something like a beefy overcoat with standup collar.
  10. malefe

    Epaulet shop - Official Affiliate thread

    Good to know! It's a nice change up especially for neutrals or more muted fabrics
  11. malefe

    Epaulet shop - Official Affiliate thread

    Will we ever see a peak lapel model option?
  12. malefe

    ٭٭٭ No Man Walks Alone - Official Affiliate Thread ٭٭٭ (a.k.a. I shouldn't have slept on it)

    Also any details on upcoming frank leder or camoshita coat biz? Fall needs to start like yesterday

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