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Recent content by Lyman

  1. L

    Suit Fit Advice

    The suit has two main issues from what I can see. One is easily corrected, one less so. Let's start with the former: the Trousers. Your are too long. This is evident from the fact that they stack up on the bottom of your shoe. It should be relatively cheap and easy for a tailor to alter them...
  2. L

    What goes with a tweed style jacket?

    I'd like to second @Veremund's comment. Tweed in July! You'll be sweating heavily. If I were you I'd dump the tweed jacket altogether and wear something that is suited to the weather that we'll likely be experiencing midsummer. For my worth, a blazer and chinos is extremely casual for a...
  3. L

    Suit Fit Advice

    I hope you manage to find a suit that fits nicely. Good luck with your search and do post the results! :)
  4. L

    Suit Fit Advice

    Compared to some on this forum, my knowledge is rather rudimentary. As things stand, the suit doesn't look great on you. However, as you are asking the question, you probably realise this. There are a few issues I have: The trousers are far too long. The break in them should be non-existent...
  5. L

    Introduce yourself.

    As I've made a few posts, I suppose it's only polite to introduce myself. I come from the UK - London, specifically. I've long harboured an interest in classic menswear, a few years ago I started building a suit and sport-coat collection. As my resources are rather limited, I have had to depend...
  6. L

    Are these chinos too dressy?

    I'm assuming this is a response to the latter part of my comment. To clarify, I was imagining the chinos paired up with a button down shirt, chukka/desert boots, perhaps a blazer thrown over (in the winter a brown or grey tweed might work; in the summer, a green/khaki linen blazer would look...
  7. L

    Are these chinos too dressy?

    It seems that your question has been answered rather thoroughly, I thought I'd add my two cents nonetheless. The chino's that you have purchased aren't dressy at all. Neither is the outfit that you plan on wearing them with. Naturally, they could be made more dressy by tucking your shirt in...
  8. L

    How to wear this jacket?

    Again, gents - thank you very much. I didn't expect this outpouring of advice. I really can't convey how much it is appreciated. Caustic Man - I really like how you've styled your stroller suit, I'll be taking inspiration. Palk - As the jacket will definitely not serve as work wear I think...
  9. L

    How to wear this jacket?

    Thanks a lot, this is a really helpful guide!
  10. L

    How to wear this jacket?

    One question: If I was to convert this into a stroller suit, what components would I need to acquire?
  11. L

    How to wear this jacket?

    I don't think I'll be giving it away (or burning it). By my reckoning, it was made for my great-grandfather - it dates from the earlier half of the last century. It seems wrong to wantonly dispose of family history. Thanks for noting this vasityreds0123 Caustic Man, you're probably right that I...
  12. L

    How to wear this jacket?

    I'm no authority when it comes to morning dress as I've never needed to acquaint myself with its rudiments. When I received the garment, as a life-long Monty Python fan, John Cleese's Ministry of Silly Walks did come to mind. I'm unsure whether it would work as business wear - many offices...
  13. L

    How to wear this jacket?

    Thanks for you replies. It seems my initial inclinations were correct. Unfortunately, I'm anything but a rocker! Whilst I have integrated many of my grandfather's items into my closet without alteration (his measurements were identical), I cannot foresee any clear use for this jacket - morning...
  14. L

    How to wear this jacket?

    My grandfather recently passed away. In many respects, he was the quintessential English gentleman. As the only male in the family who regularly wears suits, I inherited the entirety of his wardrobe. Most of the garments that I've inherited are bespoke suits, trousers and sports coats tailored...

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