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Recent content by lovelux2010

  1. lovelux2010

    dunhill suede bomber - where to find

    those are both really beautiful. the only issue i have - when i was young and slim i could pull off italian menswear RTW. but i find as i get older (am stockier now) - i find the italian stuff always looks a little bit tight on me. may vary brand to brand, but i'm too lazy/cant find time to...
  2. lovelux2010

    dunhill suede bomber - where to find

    hello gents i'm after a harrington style suede bomber, preferably in brown (tobacco or dark brown). looks like dunhill made a gorgeous one last season, but they havent made another one similar for this year. i found he jacket on yoox but its in navy- and i would much prefer brown any ideas on...
  3. lovelux2010

    Show us your Chan

    Hello - been using WW Chan the past 5 years or so, but havent commissioned anythign new in a while. i understand prices have gone up for most tailors - have chans increased significantly? also - does anyone have experience with cad and dandy or suit supply as an alternative for day to day suits...
  4. lovelux2010

    Cad & the Dandy vs. Suitsupply - What are your thoughts?

    hello all, not sure if i will get a reply as this is revising an older thread. same question - any opinions or experience with Suit Supply or Cad and the Dandy? or other options? i have been using WW CHan on his london tours (i live in london) - but thought to try somethign different. otherwise...
  5. lovelux2010

    A.P.C. The official thread for APC denim sizing and other questions.

     the petit standard are: 98% Cotton. 2% Polyurethane. with my raws i only washed by hand once every 6 months or so. with these, i would probably wash by hand and hang dry yah
  6. lovelux2010

    A.P.C. The official thread for APC denim sizing and other questions.

    hello - quick question. i have the raw Petit New Standards in a 29. wanted some black denim to replace very old dior 19s, so tried on Petit Standard. the 29 in the Petit Standard looked good, but i could also fit the 28. the store seemed to think 28 would look better in time. so question is -...
  7. lovelux2010

    The Unbranded Brand Jeans

     would tight or skinny fit be closer? trying to find out if anyone in the thread has experience going from APC Petit New standard to tight or skinny jeans from Unbranded, and if so - what size they took.. would like somewhat a similar fit but difficutl to try on in london
  8. lovelux2010

    The Unbranded Brand Jeans

    hello, usually wear APC petit new standard in 29. like the fit, and wanted to buy something similar in unbranded If possible. so 2 questions please! 1. which Unbranded model closest to APC petit new standard? 2. I am a 29 waist in APC, what waist size in Unbranded? any help appreciated thanks!
  9. lovelux2010

    The Unbranded Brand Jeans

    hello all - i wear a size 29 in APC petit new standards. went to apc to get a pair of black selvedge, but they dotn have them. so - it seems "tapered" from unbranded is a similar fit to apc petit new standard, correct? if so - how would i size on them?... thank you
  10. lovelux2010

    A Thread for Sunglasses (High End and Rarities Welcome)

    great! will check out cutler and gross to start. will try to find some of the japenese brands mentioned, but stocklists seem somewhat hard to come by in London at lest.. i'll have a look at Larke, although i dont have the kind of expertise you do to make judgements on quality - i can only...
  11. lovelux2010

    A Thread for Sunglasses (High End and Rarities Welcome)

    hey Tsujigiri..great thread, just wish it was longer! my brother is coming over from canada to visit me here in London..and he is after some new sunglasses. was thinking to take him to cutler and gross as a start, then onto some smaller optics stores (mallon and taub etc). just wanted to ask if...
  12. lovelux2010

    Ask me about Eyewear!

    hello, just wondering if anyone has opinions on the quality of francois pinton frames versus moscot or cutler and gross? wanted to get a new pair and like the classic style frames for sunglasses - so any opinions helpful!
  13. lovelux2010

    TOJ - updates on the debacle, complaints, news about other ventures, whatever.

    miss TOJ....and maybe its too soon.. but does anyone know any M2M leather jacket makers to try now that TOJ is no longer taking orders?
  14. lovelux2010

    Show us your Chan

     hello - that was my prediction when I first went the bespoke route. but in hindsight, I do wish I got a more modern cut of suit trouser. pleats, high waisted trousers and cuffs can make a 35 year old look 55, in my experience. I will certainly keep my Chan trousers and if that style does...
  15. lovelux2010

    A.P.C. The official thread for APC denim sizing and other questions.

    anyone tried or heard of this brand..apparently real leather. not identical to CP, but quite close...

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