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Recent content by JoeWoah

  1. JoeWoah

    We are WAY overdo for a DC Meetup / Holiday Party... Also, I'm BACK!

    Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years... Anyway, let's do this. Hell, I'll even provide the booze (to a relatively substantial point) and spot, but am open to suggestions. Let's do this! :slayer:
  2. JoeWoah

    ebay suits, sportcoats, and other clothing

    +1! That's a great coat... even better if it were just a tad larger. TOTALLY bitchen Norforlk shooting coat by Cordings. Size 36-38R. ~ $300 OBO (pay attention to the shipping cost - seems high) It would be mine already if it was a size larger.
  3. JoeWoah

    Favorite Fitness Apps for Smartphones...

    I'm an Android (Droid on 2.1) guy these days but, for the most part, apps available to iPhones are available for us too (except they're cheaper/free for us). Anyway, what are your favorites? Mine (all free): HIIT Interval Timer - Like the Gym Boss, only free. Calorie Counter - Best...
  4. JoeWoah

    Do You See a Lot of Heavy People In Your City?

    It's not too bad in DC for the under 30 crowd. Out of shape heavy drinkers, sure... obese, not really. Over 30, they're probably from MD or VA.
  5. JoeWoah

    Doing an all-nighter

    Fuck it, adderall for the win if you REALLY need to get something done. Yes! Riterall it!
  6. JoeWoah

    Anyone ever heard of a cream called Mepiform?

    You pretty much have to use Mederma (can't speak for the other stuff) everyday for a year or so for it to remove a smallish scar. Hey, that time is going to pass anyway, so it's not really a big deal to make it part of a daily regimen.
  7. JoeWoah

    Transparent Moderation Log & Site Topics - Part I

    It's one of the main ways I browse the forum - I hit 'threads I posted in' and check to see if there are any replies etc. That and New Threads are probably 90% of by browsing time. I see, that would be a big problem for you! Chrome adheres to webkit standards and HTML5 (later builds), so does...
  8. JoeWoah

    Transparent Moderation Log & Site Topics - Part I

    Hmm. Can you see the 'My Posts' link at the top menu bar? No I cannot. Can't say I'm missing it though.
  9. JoeWoah

    Are the Dallas Cowboys still "America's Team"?

    Maybe it's a Northern thing... we could careless about the Cowboys. They haven't been relevant since the early 90's.
  10. JoeWoah

    "The League"

    It's got a lot of good material to play with. It could be a good show. It's Always Sunny is still funny but I feel it's gone too over the top this season. They're playing charactertures of their characters.
  11. JoeWoah

    Ativan/Lorazepam for public speaking anxiety?

    Pics or GTFO. This site is ghey enough without posts like that.
  12. JoeWoah

    Ativan/Lorazepam for public speaking anxiety?

    Comparing something like multivitamin and protein (which is abundant in our body in the first place) with a benzo is just completely different. I'm not making a 1:1 comparison. They are different levels of augmentation... though a multi and protein are barely that. Creatine/NO supplements are a...
  13. JoeWoah

    Are the Dallas Cowboys still "America's Team"?

    were they ever? I don't think so... just the cheerleaders were.
  14. JoeWoah

    What to wear for private performance?

    Wear something comfortable and cool too. A performance in a crowded home around the holidays screams stuffy and hot to me. So, heavy wool might not be a good idea.

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