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Recent content by JesterM

  1. JesterM

    The Excel Questions Thread

    Do any of you guys know a good formula that will change a cells color depending on the text you type in it in Excel? For Example If the word Open is typed into this cell, then the cell is green If the word Closed is typed into this cell, then the cell is red Thanks in advance
  2. JesterM

    2010 Fantasy Football thread

    First time playing FF and this is what I ended up with. It's an 18 team league so all the teams are similarly diluted. I was multitasking at the time and hit the wrong button and drafted 2 qb's (Romo and Phillip) early. I'm thinking this isn't such a bad thing thing though since now I can trade...
  3. JesterM

    The Official MMA thread

    ^^agreed. I think Fitch would give GSP a tougher fight (and be a better coach) but since Kos talks so much shit he'll bring the ratings to the show and eventual fight.
  4. JesterM

    ebook torrents...

    Have you tried rapidshare yet? Free accounts are slow but for a pdf it shouldn't be a problem. Just google the title followed by rapidshare.
  5. JesterM

    is it wierd to wear solid black tees...

    It's a great way to earn a sweet nickname. Like "The Mortician" or "The Waiter". Off Topic: I know Banana Republic gets ragged on a lot but I really like their plain tees. So soft and well fitting.....mmmmmmm.
  6. JesterM

    Men's Underwear

    I love H&M boxer briefs... They're comfortable, durable and cheap. And you can buy them with your favorite superhero on them. It's win-win!
  7. JesterM

    What family heirlooms do you have?

    Large Bronze Falcon (Family name is derived from falcon) Bayonet from the War of Northern Aggression (didn't belong to my ancestor but is nice to have since he fought under Lee and it came from a Southern rifle) Granddads pearl handled revolver
  8. JesterM

    Places you most often use cash over a card

    +1. What's wrong with you peeps? a) Do you not trust yourself to spend within your means? b) Are you Chinese? c) Do you not realize that credit cards are great for building up a good credit score? And that without a good credit score you can't get a home loan at a good price? d) You are...
  9. JesterM

    This oil spill is a dangerous subject!!!

    Facebook + Politics = massive lulz I love seeing the bizarre political groups people belong to.
  10. JesterM

    Ask A Question, Get An Answer... - Post All Quick Questions Here (Classic menswear)

    What's the consensus on having your cuffs monogrammed? Stylish or ostentatious?
  11. JesterM

    Things That Are Bothering You, Got You All Hibbeldy-Jibbeldy, or just downright pissed, RIGHT NOW!

    Red Ring of Death. Warranty expired.........
  12. JesterM

    CITI Stock - Anyone goin' long??

    Yeah, was a little late to the party getting in at 3.47 but I'm content to sit on it for now.
  13. JesterM

    How do you stop smoking?

    Here's how I did it: 1) Got the nic gum and followed the instructions 2) Bought a massive amount of candy and used that to deal with the cravings (and wean myself off the gum) Whatever method you choose, good luck. It's completely worth it.
  14. JesterM

    The KFC Double Down

    I had one, then pooped 5 times over the next 8 hours. Still worth it though.
  15. JesterM

    Cotton/Linen pants recommendations

    I concur about the H&M pants. Picked up two pair earlier in the year: good fit, good price. not to get too off-topic, but what type of shirts do you feel look best with the pants? I have a set of linen pants / linen shirt, but that just looks too "beach" for around here (there is no real beach...

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