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Recent content by jagmqt

  1. jagmqt

    I'm looking for a black leather messenger bag for under $200; advice?

    Ebay still might be worth a look, even if only to get ideas and brands...it assembles a lot of products in one location. (I've had great success on ebay, but I understand your hesitation) I was given one of these...
  2. jagmqt

    I'm looking for a black leather messenger bag for under $200; advice?

    I agree that you should search ebay...find something unique. I'm not sure you'll want a messenger bag. When I was in law school, I had a nice messenger style laptop bag and it wasn't big enough. The link you provided shows a bag that looks too small to hold two textbooks. I'd suggest a...
  3. jagmqt

    From the LIFE archives: Magdalen College

    Can someone explain these trousers to me. How would you describe this fit? There doesn't appear to be any taper to the leg and they all appear to have a high rise. They all appear to be woll, cuffed, one back pocket, single pleat, verticle pockets...is this right? What am I missing? Is...
  4. jagmqt

    iPhone docking stations

    I couldn't find much through a search for "docking station" I was wondering if anyone had any advice on iPhone docking stations. I'm looking for an inexpensive one for work and something a bit better for home... Anyone have any suggestions or experiences with a particular brand or model? (if...
  5. jagmqt

    Will an electric shaver solve my neck rash problem???????

    buy a nice gillette fusion razor and go from there! Make sure you shave in the direction of hair growth to minimize any irritation and ingrown hairs. I agree. I have the same problem with my neck as the OP. I shave in the shower, one swipe down on the neck, wash my face after shaving, and...
  6. jagmqt

    Critique my Job Interview attire (pics)

    I thought my straight response was funnier than the OPs query. Most people thought I was serious. I think you were serious, and you're trying to cover your ass with your second post. jag
  7. jagmqt

    How To Wear A White Suit?

  8. jagmqt


    Height is almost always an advantage in every weapon. Being left handed helps at the beginner to intermediate level, people get used to it eventually. Long arms are a tremendous advantage in epee. Saber forces aggression and you cannot be the slightest bit indecisive. Foil gives you the most...
  9. jagmqt

    Is becoming a lawyer a mistake?

    Question for the Lawyers on this forum. I've had a chance to have a chat with two lawyers (one in his 50s, the other in her early 30s) I am acquainted with (i'm attempting to get a unpaid short stint at a law office to get a sense of what it is like) and they both said roughly the same thing...
  10. jagmqt

    Need help picking a truck/SUV

    I'd stay away from Range Rovers and Land Rovers unless you like expensive repairs. I just bought a 2005 Trailblazer for $12K. It's not the greatest, but it's got the power I need, is cheap to repair, and is nice to drive. Other than that, when I was shopping, I liked Toyotas and Nissans...they...
  11. jagmqt


    Foil: torso only is target area. Use point of weapon only. You score points by establishing an attack or getting a parry then counterattack. Blade is fairly light and flexible (you can actually hit people in the back if you're good). Epee: whole body is target area, feet, hands, head...
  12. jagmqt


    Could someone explain the difference between the three: foil, epee, and sabre? The differences in weapons and fighting styles. There are some coaches in my town and I've had an interest, but wouldn't know which to choose. How could/should a person choose which style? Thanks in advance. jag
  13. jagmqt

    The Naked Ape Gets Dressed

    Don't you think it's a little over board on the self-promotion posting this in every area of the forum? I do. jag
  14. jagmqt

    any public defenders here?

    Appeals are almost never just about the law; they're about the application of the law to the facts established at trial. Too often on appeal you get a fucked up record, where the facts offered and accepted were like the proverbial square peg because the guys in the trial court didn't know what...

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