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Recent content by hedgehog

  1. hedgehog

    snoe seal on suede?

    It is absolutely okay. But the result will completely change the leather. Here's a guide to using sno-seal on suede shoes: http://www.90thidpg.us/Equipment/Projects/Dubbing/index.html I bought a used pair of white suede shoes, which I treated with a lot of shoe wax (vaseline or something). It...
  2. hedgehog

    Fake Allen Edmonds

    Since no-one expects a pair of Allen Edmonds to be fake - perhaps that's an even bigger reason to be suspicious. There is perhaps an immense market for unexpected fakes.
  3. hedgehog

    Any info on «Burberrys of London» shoes?

    http://www.styleforum.net/attachment...1&d=1300470425 http://www.styleforum.net/attachment...1&d=1300470425 That's all the info I can find, labelwise. The small text says «dessus cuir vers doublure cuir», which basically means «upper leather against lining leather». But as it's written in...
  4. hedgehog

    Any info on «Burberrys of London» shoes?

    So, I went thrifting in Paris today, at Guerrisol - an awfully uncharming store in a not so cozy neighbourhood. They were filling up the shoe-shelves, emptying bags full of filthy shoes - but I spotted a nice looking pair among them. I've been wanting a pair of Park Avenue's for a while, but I...
  5. hedgehog

    What's the Most You've Spent On...

    1. suit - 700 2. shirt - 120 3. pair of pants - 250 4. pair of shoes/boots - 250 5. pair of socks - 5 6. coat - 660 7. tie - 80 8. square - 70 9. odd jacket - 420 0. watch - can't remember a. bag - 120 b. pair of cufflinks - haven't bought any c. t-shirt - 80 d. belt - 135, and it was reduced...
  6. hedgehog

    'I' and 'You' Do we Think More of Ourselves or of Others?

    Of course we do. But the "I" cares for itself in comparison with the "you", and not by itself alone.
  7. hedgehog

    Amount of Milk One Should Consume

    About 2-4 liters. I have an on and off chocolate milk-addiction, so the amount I consume varies with that.
  8. hedgehog

    Want to switch over to a double bladed saftey razor

    +1 on the 34c. It's a nice razor that does its job as it's supposed to, and the price is just under $40 (on amazon at least). Well worth it! My experience with DE's is limited to the 34c, some cheap lightweight razors and the Gillette Fat Boy. Compared to the Fat Boy, the 34c is a lot easier...
  9. hedgehog

    What do you say when you answer the phone?

    If it's an unknown person, I'll say "Hello?". Often with an unintentional grumpy tone. If there's a reason to use my full name, I'll answer with that. For most of my frequent-calling friends I have specific ways of answering. Like, "Hi this is Mike from the appliance repair...
  10. hedgehog

    3-piece suit (non-matching vest)

    Isn't wearing a belt with a waistcoat kind of not allowed?
  11. hedgehog

    when did gluten suddenly become the most lethal substance known to man?

    Also for anorexics and hypochondriacs who, it turns out, have every food allergy they read about. Haha! I know a couple of them. Milk allergy has been the big hit this year. "No other animals drink other animals' milk, so why should we do it?!" Because we are able to, and because we like it.
  12. hedgehog

    Best widely available hot sauce...

    I absolutely love the taste of tabasco, but I find it a bit too hot for my tastes. Though, some times I'll just poor a lot on and sweat through the first minutes before the anaesthetic effect kicks in. Then it's all about enjoying the taste. When I was in the military, I always had a bottle of...
  13. hedgehog

    What are You Drinking for Thanksgiving 2009?

    Large amounts of coffee, while studying for an exam. We don't have thanksgiving in Norway.
  14. hedgehog

    Do you care about being rejected?

    If you don't care about being rejected, you probably don't care too much about the person rejecting you. I guess there are just degrees of handling rejection properly.
  15. hedgehog

    Stupid bad junk food that you still crave...

    Once in a blue moon I'll get a craving for cheap chicken flavour noodles, accompanied with cheap concentrate orange juice. I used to eat it quite often while growing up, so it's basically just a weird nostalgia-trip that I need from time to time.

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