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Recent content by gin8u

  1. gin8u

    Definitive Guide to Montreal Shopping

    Ssense opened in old montreal. I'll go check that out when I can. The SSENSE Boutique is located at 90 St-Paul West. Boutique Hours: Monday to Wednesday 10am to 6pm Thursday to Friday 10am to 9pm Saturday 10am to 5pm Sunday 12pm to 5pm I don't mean to be late, but its ABOUT time! its been...
  2. gin8u

    J Crew Fall/Winter 2010 Discussion

    just got an email from J Crew about the $3,000 gift card they are giving away (as a contest). I would love to enter, but it's only for US residents.
  3. gin8u

    J Crew Fall/Winter 2010 Discussion

    nice! I bought the cable-knit wool-cashmere sweater and 2 secret wash shirts on sunday (using the 25% off on sunday). Since there was a new promotion for the 25% off + free shipping on sweaters, a lovely southern lady credited me on my shipping (placed sunday) due to the new promotion.
  4. gin8u

    Club Monaco: Adventures in decent clothing and horrible marketing

    they really need to make a better website. I dislike CM a bit more everytime i go on their site. it's so hard to navigate.
  5. gin8u

    Looking for type of shoe

    men shouldn't be wearing uggs
  6. gin8u

    Clarks Desert Boots

    In Canada Banana Republic does not carry them. I was checking Club Monaco's website though and they had em on there. I have to go to the store though to see if they have them there. yes, they have a 2 or 3 colors on stock. beeswax, taupe and another one.
  7. gin8u

    J Crew S/S 10 Discussion

    My tailor fit polos and half zip merino/cotton sweater came in. I swear that J. Crew clothes fit me PERFECTLY! The polo's fit me better than the Lacoste or Polo RL's that cost 4x as much. im curious to know your measurements?
  8. gin8u

    J Crew S/S 10 Discussion

    Pop Quiz: Which of these "colors" can't be found in the J.Crew's men section of their catalog(There are 6) Light Cactus, Soft Apricot, Brick, Resort Pink, Portland Grey, Dark Wood, Yellow Corn, Old Brown, Dusty Baltic, Carolina Blue, Dark Chestnut, California Smog, Earth Brown, Pale Surplus...
  9. gin8u

    What you guys think of this blog?

    pretentious, bland and repetitive +1 sites like that you just tend to scroll quickly through the images. Unlike the WAYWT, you don't/can't take the time to look at each of them individually because they are not relative to oneself. It's random shots of people, no explanation, and 25% of them...
  10. gin8u

    What did you eat last night for dinner?

    I had supper at my parents. As an apatizer, we had beet soup followed by a crab cake with a dollop of tartar sauce. We then proceeded to having the main course; tuna steak with brussel sprouts and baby zuchinni
  11. gin8u

    J Crew F/W 09 Discussion

    I agree with Stylin-1. I'm 130lbs @ 5"8' and the XS peacoat is just a fraction too small for me in the shoulders area. I haven't worked out in a month now and I'm just a bit worried that once I go back, the peacoat is going to feel quite restrictive. I'm curious to know if a tailor can...
  12. gin8u

    Accidentally left price-tag on gift... What to do?

    you could say that it was on sale. Sometimes stores don't markdown the prices on the tags instead they'll just put a sign saying it's 30% off selected items.
  13. gin8u

    Clothes for short men with athletic builds

    On Ralph Lauren, they have their slim-fit shirts. Their Black Label are also fairly slim and offers a good fit for my size needs. I suggest you subscribe to the Ralph Lauren website. That will put you on the mailing list for the frequent discount codes they send out. As a start, I'd wait for a...
  14. gin8u

    J Crew F/W 09 Discussion

    Education? Or Private university tuition? I don't understand why more American students don't come up to Canada. Even at "international" rates you're still paying maybe C$14k a year, and for some bizarre reason everyone has heard of McGill in the States, if not U of T & UBC, all commonly in the...
  15. gin8u

    Can a tailor slim down a bomber style puffer jacket?

    ask your local tailor?

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