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    Gucci Loafers...Bad Value, But are they Nice Shoes?

    That's exactly what I meant. I sure would buy an item from a so called "fashion brand" if it turns out that they are crafted to high standards and made of quality materials while being competitive from value for money point of view. But this rarely is the case since I'm not willing to pay extra...
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    Gucci Loafers...Bad Value, But are they Nice Shoes?

    As we can see, these things have nothing to do with reason, but our choices are guided by completely different values instead. For one, Gucci’s shoes with their strong brand name may be totally worth it, and for others, they wouldn’t even touch them with a long stick. Personally, I don't put...
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    Gucci Loafers...Bad Value, But are they Nice Shoes?

    I'd pass them and get something nice from other known quality manufacturers. These fashion brands are known for their weak construction and high margins. Some of them at $1000 range even dare to use fake stitching and glued soles. You basically pay for the brand name and maybe the design, and...
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    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    This is what I'd like to know as well. And why they are not transparently sharing the name of the tannery they source the leather from? They just state that it's a "family owned tannery" they co-operate with. Shouldn't they be proud of their leather and the co-operation?
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    Boots Boots Boots - For Boot Guys Only

    On a rainy day, it's once again time to take one of my favorite pairs of boots into service. Super comfy full brogue country grain wingtip derby boots. These bad boys turn rainy days into joy.
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    suede shoes - post 'em here!

    How many years of service you should expect from a pair of suede shoes compared to full-grain leather shoes? In my understanding, suede still is considered to be cheaper and lower grade leather but usually priced similarly compared to other leather grades. The looks are definitely there but the...
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    HOF: What Are You Wearing Right Now - Part IV (starting May 2014)

    That jacket looks sharp and the color is superb! Is it MTM?
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    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    Yes, they should have selected / dyed the leather used for the fronts more carefully. As they are not as bad in the 2nd pic as in the 1st pic posted, but it still isn't nowhere near the promo pic Meermin provided for the Sherry MTO imo. I wouldn't have been happy to receive this kind of an...
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    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    Was it supposed to be museum shell? I bet this must be the weirdest color combination I have seen to date. At least they certainly are one of a kind.
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    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    I own all three of them, Elton, HIRO and RUI. I'd say HIRO and Elton are both narrow lasts and have less toeroom compared to RUI. RUI is by far the roomiest and the most comfortable last of these.
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    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    Today's choice, Oak Antique Calf Double Monks with a dressy diver.
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    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    Thanks, good choice! I wear 10 UK for both New Rey and Hiro. They fit perfectly.
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    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    Latest purchase. Linea Maestro Beechnut Oxfords with JR sole. Pure eye candy. :cool:
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    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    Sounds like a good plan.
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    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    I'm UK9.5 in Carmina Rain and UK10 in Meermin Hiro. Hiro is a narrower last than Rain, so I'd say you should choose the UK9.5.

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