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Recent content by EzraPaul

  1. EzraPaul

    The Official-ish DC Thread

    There are some brands that don’t charge at all for working buttonholes ;)
  2. EzraPaul

    Ezra Paul - DC?

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying the fresco! 2.25 meters is sufficient. I’m by appointment through Labor Day and back to regular hours after that, so let me know if you want to swing by.
  3. EzraPaul

    The Official-ish DC Thread

    I've spent a good amount of time at Exiles myself since the move. It's more or less what a bar should be.
  4. EzraPaul

    Ezra Paul - DC?

    It's partly to protect trade secrets and partly Rumpelstiltskin syndrome - I get unwarranted joy out of people trying and failing to guess where they're made. Yes, I can also do MTO, of which you have described the differences perfectly. I don't do it often (though I did one this week) because...
  5. EzraPaul

    The Official Thrift / Discount Store Bragging Thread Part III (Sept. 2018--)

    Whoa... I'm doubly offended! Must have been Ezra Klein.
  6. EzraPaul

    Ezra Paul - DC?

    We only carry private label, so no labels other than EP . Suits, sport coats, trousers, waistcoats, and outerwear are made in a small family owned factory in Italy. I believe I am their only North American client. I formerly used Greenfield and Ciccarelli before jumping across the pond. I've...
  7. EzraPaul

    Ezra Paul - DC?

    Thanks for posting and wearing it so well! I agree that places that brag about the number of measurement they take are overly focused on pomp over substance. I haven't ever taken the time to add up all of the different adjustments that can be made, as that seems like it's besides the point...
  8. EzraPaul

    The Official-ish DC Thread

    Thanks! Red Onion is reopening this fall in Hyattsville, if you want to make the trek.
  9. EzraPaul

    The Official-ish DC Thread

    Stupid sexy Flanders! Looking great! Love that combo.
  10. EzraPaul

    The Official-ish DC Thread

    Glad you like it! You're up next! As far as (mostly) unnecessary details, ticket pocket is the one I'm most likely to do. For single breasted I almost always order for myself that way.
  11. EzraPaul

    The Official-ish DC Thread

    Got it. I haven't tried Hill Country, mostly gave up on DC BBQ because it doesn't seem to have an identity and falls into the generic Memphis/KC style that seems to prevail outside of regions with defined BBQ identity.
  12. EzraPaul

    The Official-ish DC Thread

    I have an alert set for mentions...
  13. EzraPaul

    The Official-ish DC Thread

    Looks great, thanks for posting! Enjoy!
  14. EzraPaul

    The Official-ish DC Thread

    Last time I was there, a very inebriated patron decided to take a swim and there was a large contingent of DCPD looking for him. That place was both horrible and amazing at the same time.
  15. EzraPaul

    Dress vs Athletic shoe size

    In my experience, most men take their dress shoes somewhere between zero and one sizes smaller than their athletic shoes (nike, adidas, etc) and I thought it would be interesting to see if that is born out in the data via a poll. I have also observed that men with wide feet will often size up...

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