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Recent content by elfton

  1. elfton

    Eidos Napoli

    Those Morgan Sashiko shorts up on Mr P looks great. I’m a fan of wearing white shirts through summer, but it’s generally pretty boring with plain regular shorts. I think these are a great solution to that.
  2. elfton

    Eidos Napoli

    That Ajrak is beautiful. Totally with @UrbanComposition, I need all the belted stuff.
  3. elfton

    Eidos Napoli

    Loving the linen-twill trousers Mr Porter added today. Exactly what I'm looking for in SS trousers and would probably work great with the guardi jacket. https://www.mrporter.com/en-se/mens/eidos/slim-fit-pleated-washed-linen-twill-trousers/1022794?ppv=2
  4. elfton

    Eidos Napoli

    Ah, my bad. I’m happy with the sleeve length on my 48 since the coat most likely is worn with a sweater underneath filling the tiny gap between coat and glove.
  5. elfton

    Eidos Napoli

    25,5” or 65 cm if you will. :)
  6. elfton

    Eidos Napoli

    I'm normally size 50, but got the fit I wanted when going down a size (bought it from @slimster, see quoted post above). Since I'm pretty tall (194 cm), it's perfect that the coat is long, ends just beneath the knee. I'm used to coats looking a bit short on me, which obviously is not preferable...
  7. elfton

    Travel: France Outside of Paris

    For the last couple of summers I've been to Italy a lot, solely by train. Like you @Camilo, I have the urge to explore France outside of Paris (great biography title btw), but want to do it by train. Mostly been thinking about the riviera – does anyone have experience of going between the cities...
  8. elfton

    Eidos Napoli

    Yeah it was me, your favorite Swede! Must’ve been lucky then, bought it instantly. Been looking for it since I saw this Malmborg campaign a while back: https://www.marcusmalmborg.com/?stories-chapter-2-traveling-man
  9. elfton

    Eidos Napoli

    Just received my Guardi jacket purchased through ebay. Ordered it yesterday, the shipping from Napoli to Stockholm was around 20 hours. Quite amazing. Like the fit, think it will be perfect for summer.
  10. elfton

    The Official Stoffa Thread

    This was one of the reasons I didn’t go for the Forest Green or Chocolate Brown colors. It drew too much attention towards the hat, and I wasn’t comfortable with feeling like I had a whip tied to my trousers when going about in the city. Maybe I’ll change my mind in the future, but for now it...
  11. elfton

    The Official Stoffa Thread

    Thanks to you guys I booked an appointment for the trunk show in Stockholm, very happy about that now. This was my first trunk show experience – not disappointed. Marcus Malmborg waited outside the showroom, was really nice and showed me the way in. Talked a little bit with Nick, the guy from...
  12. elfton

    Eidos Napoli

    I like the idea of the splatter cardigan, it fits neatly within the New York Blues concept, so I ordered it. The splatter didn't work on me at all unfortunately, but I do think it's a fine piece. The knitting is great on it, especially hands on.
  13. elfton

    Eidos Napoli

    Big fan of this shawl collar cashmere-blend cardigan that just went up on Mr Porter. Using the belted cardigan from AW17 all the time, would love to own a similar piece.
  14. elfton

    Poor man's watch thread

    Picked up the Timex Marlin about a month ago. Very happy with the design of the watch, totally worth $200 for something classic that I can use forever.
  15. elfton

    Eidos Napoli

    Took my new Carlo coat out for a walk today while a friend practiced portraits. Liked how it looked together with the belted cardigan – belt on belt!

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