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Recent content by dsk321

  1. dsk321

    TLB Mallorca - Made in Spain Footwear

    Heh yeah, I asked him when I first emailed and he said they were, just didn't want to use definitive language. I'm excited, don't know if I want to mto or not
  2. dsk321

    TLB Mallorca - Made in Spain Footwear

    This is black, though I plan to polish with navy over time. It's safe to assume a belt bonus will happen based on past bf events
  3. dsk321

    TLB Mallorca - Made in Spain Footwear

    Specifically comparing artista to main, will they fit the same, just maybe feel slightly different due to the waist?
  4. dsk321

    TLB Mallorca - Made in Spain Footwear

    Got my first tlb's, artista chukka from patine. The waist on these is so beautiful. Uppers are a bit stiff (not meermin level) at the collar and right above my big toe knuckle(?), but seems to be breaking in reasonably quickly. Sizing was 10 after a simple email exchange with tlb, and I think...
  5. dsk321

    TLB Mallorca - Made in Spain Footwear

    Museum is a little too funky for my wardrobe. Vegano burgundy is a little too flat, would need some black/navy/mahogany burnishing. Old English seems like a decent middle ground but I only see it for the chukka.
  6. dsk321

    ** Quintessential Crockett & Jones Thread ** (reviews, quality, etc...)

    Tnx, based on my searches ill prob try the 348 first
  7. dsk321

    ** Quintessential Crockett & Jones Thread ** (reviews, quality, etc...)

    Can anyone with carmina forest/robert lasts recommend 341 or 348? Im hunting for monkstraps bad. I see some take 341 tts, others half size down. The two carminas fit me best overall (no pinky rub on forest, just slight touch on the roberts), while the rain instep is too tall for me. 99% sure i...
  8. dsk321

    Carmina Shoes - Definitive Thread (reviews, advice, sizing, etc...)

    Is there an equivalent carmina last to the meermin elton regarding fit? Toe shape can be whatever. From what I can gather its either inca or robert? I got some elton oxfords that fit very well, and wanted some monkstraps in a similar fit.
  9. dsk321

    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    Got my first meermins, elton captoe oxfords. They are my funeral/wedding shoes, as I don't really need oxfords otherwise. I'll have to break them in over the next couple weeks so I won't have mangled feet should a day-long formal occasion arise. I'm glad I went elton, as its quite comfortably...
  10. dsk321

    Carmina Shoes - Definitive Thread (reviews, advice, sizing, etc...)

    Nah they are 10. Its weird. Maybe a number is carved in at a vendors request? Both soles have it. Any search regarding "2 sole," "seconds," didn't yield anything in the first few pages.
  11. dsk321

    Carmina Shoes - Definitive Thread (reviews, advice, sizing, etc...)

    Just picked up forest polo nst, and totally love the makeup. My robert brown derbies have a partner now. Not sure if it's the design of the nst vs derby, but the forest instep feels lower? The forest lacing gap is bigger, and its definitely snugger even if it's a hair wider at the ball. I...
  12. dsk321

    SKOLYX - Shoes, Shoe care, Clothing care and Accessories: Official Affiliate Thread

    I contacted skolyx but haven't received a response to a sizing question so ill pose the relevant bits here. How does the skolyx house oxford (hector last) compare to the yanko 915 last? I read 915 has some shared blood with simpson, but iirc some comparisons to inca/rain. Do these have medium...
  13. dsk321

    The quarter brogue/perf cap role?

    As I'm rebuilding my shoes, I am still searching for 1 black captoe for the extremely rare formal occasions. As I don't conduct business in suits, and my regular dress involves t-shirts and jeans, its really only for weddings/funerals/if a royal family suddenly calls. Where exactly does a perf...
  14. dsk321

    Carmina Shoes - Definitive Thread (reviews, advice, sizing, etc...)

    So my suede woes have been resolved, and I opted to keep the robert derbies and return the chukkas. The last really suits my foot well. Instep is comfortable (almost snug). The heel is nestled in pretty good, forefoot has no pressure against my pinky toe/big toe, and has a tiny bit of wiggle...
  15. dsk321

    Carmina Shoes - Definitive Thread (reviews, advice, sizing, etc...)

    Well, quality issues aside, should I expect some differences in fit between boots/shoes in the same last on different leathers? (Will rain shoes fit tighter in calf than suede? Or will rain derbies/oxfords be significantly different than boots?)

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