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Recent content by don_andomo

  1. don_andomo

    PSA: F*** Wilkes Bashford.

    You guys look like well dressed men...I have longer hair and look like I should be shopping at The Archive down the street. Also, I think they hate Jews. iammatt and aportnoy are members of the tribe, aren't they?
  2. don_andomo

    Modest Fall shoe damage

    "Hi, Grimslade!" Here's some more shaved legs action. This was taken a few months later, in July 2007, hiking the Verde River in Sedona. In a hard cycling spring, which this was, I might lose almost ten pounds of fat and lean mass from May to July. Cyclists will know what I'm talking about...
  3. don_andomo

    The MBA Thread

    I graduated from HBS as part of a 3-degree-joint-degree program in which I was enrolled. Eventually dropped the third degree and went to work directly after my MBA. Since I had no work experience and was only 23, I was hired as a senior analyst - this is not uncommon at all of the BB banks. I...
  4. don_andomo

    The MBA Thread

    I searched and couldn't find any threads. I like the look, but I'm going to be an investment banking analyst (bottom of the totem pole) and contrast collar + French cuffs would scream "pretentious". It's a luxury reserved for the VPs and MDs. I was hoping that I could get away with barrel...
  5. don_andomo

    Paolo Scafora Bespoke Shoes Have Arrived

    these shoes are ugly and a waste of time and money. i don't know how many iterations OP had to go through, but panzeraxe had to go thru three tries and he had to send pics of edward greens before he got what look like marginally better shoes. OP's shoes look like the toes were chopped off. look...
  6. don_andomo

    NYT Article - Looking Like A Billion Bucks - Spring '08

    If you're going to assume a position of the internet tough guy, make sure, at the very least, your suit measurement exceeds 36. OUCH!!!
  7. don_andomo

    Spalla Camicia - The back view

    Matt, the jacket looks fantastic; the back is very clean. However, if I may make one small observation, it appears that the pattern matching between the collar and the back of the jacket is slightly off. I seem to recall a similar problem with your green tweed Rubinacci jacket, where the lines...
  8. don_andomo

    Removing salsa stain

    I spilled some salsa sauce on my Oxxford sportcoat (note to self: never wear Oxxford to Chevys). Any recommendations on how to remove it? Or should I just take it to a dry cleaner. Any recommendations for a great drycleaner in SF? I'm wary of sending it to places that simply sends jackets to...
  9. don_andomo

    Bluefly polo cordovan chukka boots

    Can you post a pic? I'd love to see it.
  10. don_andomo

    Paraboot sizing

    i think they run a little wide. i have the avignon model and have to wear thicker socks. but then again, i wear 10.5D/B in Aldens.
  11. don_andomo

    Carlo franco shirts

    I second that. I'm also 16.5/34
  12. don_andomo

    Edward green w/ trees

    Looks like someone is trying to flip a pair they got from bluefly for $350 during the recent sale . . .
  13. don_andomo

    Carlo franco shirts

    can someone post carlo's website here? thx.
  14. don_andomo

    Trafalgar alligator belt, link to my ebay auction

    You sold it for one cent?..
  15. don_andomo

    Question about boots on bluefly

    JL, do they fit a bit wide, though? Can you wear dress socks with them, or would you need to wear thicker cotton crews, like the ones with polo ponies on them?

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