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  1. Delands

    WAYWRN: Classic Menswear, Casual Style

    Thanks for the head's up! I'll have a look at the site
  2. Delands

    WAYWRN: Classic Menswear, Casual Style

    @Alocin that polo looks great. You mind telling me what L/S stand for? Are these still for sale?
  3. Delands

    Suitsupply NYC

    @Spandexter , I have a 100% linen green Havana jacket from last season (I think there should be pictures somewhere in this thread), that I wear for work over the summer. I find the wrinkling to be very acceptable (mainly on the inside of the elbow). I would definitely buy one again.
  4. Delands

    HOF: What Are You Wearing Right Now - Part IV (starting May 2014)

    That's a great outfit. I especially like the tie. Where is it from?
  5. Delands

    Suitsupply NYC

     The jacket I posted was indeed this 100% linen Havana.
  6. Delands

    Suitsupply NYC

     Line. Will of course wrinkle. It's part of the look. Now I don't know how much more it will wrinkle when wearing a lot (e.g. 12h per day). The fabric does feel quite stiff. Stiffer than my other wool SuSu jackets. I'll report back once I've had the opportunity to wear it. Hopefully soon...
  7. Delands

    Suitsupply NYC

    Yes, it's a beautiful color. You're welcome. Fit is very good indeed. This is without any tailoring. It's difficult to say regarding the wrinkling. This is my first linen jacket/sportcoat, so I don't really know what to expect. You can already some the wrinkling in the sleeves from just...
  8. Delands

    Suitsupply NYC

    @davidazio here are some IRL pictures: I'm sorry for the picture quality, but I couldn't take any in natural light. I think that the fabric will be pretty prone to wrinkling, see the arms after just wearing it a few minutes to take the pictures. I hope this helps
  9. Delands

    Suitsupply NYC

    I'll try to post some pictures in the coming days. I cannot comment much on the texture and wrinkling since it is still 10°C here in Belgium, so I won't be able to wear it for at least a few months.
  10. Delands

    Suitsupply NYC

    It may be EU only, but I just bought this one: http://eu.suitsupply.com/en/jackets/havana-green-plain/C948.html?cgid=Jackets It is a much darker bottle/moss green and seems to be pretty versatile (almost like navy according to me)
  11. Delands

    The Watch Appreciation Thread (Reviews and Photos of Men's Timepieces by Rolex, Patek Philippe, Brei

    You can look into Meistersinger as well. I own the Perigraph. It makes a great weekend watch, but I did not find it to be very practical when I wore it during my job. It's difficult to know the exact hour at a glance.
  12. Delands

    The Watch Appreciation Thread (Reviews and Photos of Men's Timepieces by Rolex, Patek Philippe, Brei

    Thanks @RogerP ! It is beautiful indeed. The movement is quite nice as well and in my opinion better decorated than the JLC Master Control.
  13. Delands

    The Watch Appreciation Thread (Reviews and Photos of Men's Timepieces by Rolex, Patek Philippe, Brei

    I've been lurking around here for some time and I thought I'd chime in on this questions since I encountered something similar a couple of months ago. My fiancée wanted to give me an engagement present in the form of a watch. Since she doesn't know much about watches she asked my input and I...
  14. Delands

    Good Natured Advice Thread (improving a business wardrobe)

    archibaldleach thanks for the advice. I'll go solid navy or dark charcoal for the evening dinner, with a white shirt and a wedding tie and I'll wear something lighter (solid light grey probably) for the church ceremony which is at 11AM. I dress pretty CBD during the week for my job and I...
  15. Delands

    Good Natured Advice Thread (improving a business wardrobe)

    This made me laugh I think I get the difference now. So basically something that resolves to a solid from a distance is fine and stay away from the larger chalk stripes. Thanks Mimo!

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