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Recent content by DC35

  1. DC35

    Loro Piana - Brooks Brothers Overcoat - Too Tight

    Hi everyone. I have a cashmere Loro Piana Brooks Brothers Overcoat that I believe is one size too small. It's a 40 and I'm a 42 suit now. I'm going to try it on tonight. 2 Questions: 1) Can it be let out? 2) Can I realistically lose weight in my shoulders, back, and chest? I've gained maybe...
  2. DC35

    Shoe Trees For Boots

    I just purchased the Woodlore Boss Boot Trees. Has anyone noticed that the boot trees don't reach the tips of the toes in the boot? I like how they fill up the boot, but I feel the boots will crease in the toes. Has anyone experienced this? I'm not a fan.
  3. DC35

    Allen Edmonds Largest Sale of the Year?

    Does anyone know Allen Edmonds biggest sale of the year? How much of a discount can I expect? Thank you.
  4. DC35

    Tailor Nightmare - White Dress Shirt

    I don't see how it can be undone.
  5. DC35

    Tailor Nightmare - White Dress Shirt

    Nice lady. Speaks almost no English. Now I know why the job was so expensive. All I wanted was one button moved on a cuff, all the buttons tightened because they were falling off, and the top button moved slightly to give me more room in the neck.
  6. DC35

    Tailor Nightmare - White Dress Shirt

    My tailor decided the button holes on my dress shirt were too large and did this insane patching and sowing to shrink the button holes. I never had any issue with the buttons coming loose. Can this hack job be undone? This was done on all 9 holes of the shirt.
  7. DC35

    Allen Edmonds - Size 10 in dress shoes, size 10.5 in boots?

    I'm usually a size 10, sometimes a size 10.5. I was measured for both dress shoes and boots at Allen Edmonds about a year ago. The sales person told me I am a size 10 in dress shoes and a size 10.5 in boots without questions. The size 10 boots felt like a comfortable fit, but I listened to the...
  8. DC35

    BB Fitzgerald Suits - Sold Navy and a Solid Charcoal - New Without Tags

    I recently purchased (2) Fitzgerald Suits - one solid navy, one solid charcoal. Both are a 40R with minimal alterations. The sleeves were shortened a small amount. The sides were brought in a little. The length of the pants were hemmed. *** The navy suit has never been worn. The...
  9. DC35

    Can a tailor do this?

    Can I bring a tailor a pair of jeans that fit me perfect and have her cut two pairs of jeans that are huge on me to match? Is this possible? The large jeans are 2-3 inches too large in the waist.
  10. DC35

    Steamed Suit In HOT Shower - Visible Damage - Popping?? Photo Attached.

    The suit was custom. I have worn it three times and never detected these marks on the inside or under the lapels. I took the first photo with the lapels up, so everyone can see the "damage." I do not believe it was there or this pronounced before the steaming. I actually placed two suit jackets...
  11. DC35

    Steamed Suit In HOT Shower - Visible Damage - Popping?? Photo Attached.

    I have attached better photos. Photo 1 - Lapels up...... Photo 2 - the inside
  12. DC35

    Steamed Suit In HOT Shower - Visible Damage - Popping?? Photo Attached.

    Hi Everyone. I steamed a new suit on my shower rod with the shower curtain open. Now my suit has visible damage under the lapels, running front the top of the lapels to the bottom of the lapels. I would describe this as popping. I have never seen anything like this before. Also, on the inside...
  13. DC35

    Is it possible to remove pick stitching??

    Thank you. I am so happy to hear that. I think it is terribly done.

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