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Recent content by Dapp

  1. Dapp

    Proper Cloth - Official Affiliate Thread

    First post in 4 years, yikes! I'm looking to buy a handful of shirts from Proper Cloth (or the like). I'm tired of poor fitting button downs and want to spend a little more on shirts that actually fit well. I work at a FAANG as a Product Manager and after a couple promotions, I want to dress a...
  2. Dapp

    Cool furniture, design objects and desiderata

    I just switched apartments to a studio/one bedroom and I don't have a closet in my room anymore. I have a lot of clothes to hang up and store so I'm trying to figure out the best way to do it. I have a 4' x 8' space in my living room against the wall that I'm considering using for a standalone...
  3. Dapp

    Cool furniture, design objects and desiderata

    I was going to rent an 880 sq. ft. apartment starting this summer and it felt like a mansion compared to my current apartment and the apartment I actually decided to go with (to save $$). At least it reduces the number of things I need to purchase to fill out the space :).
  4. Dapp

    Cool furniture, design objects and desiderata

    Thanks for all the good information guys, really appreciate it. @archetypal_yuppie : I'm moving to downtown Seattle. I think I'm going to spend the most on the bed / mattress since I'll take that with me when I move again to a new apartment / city. I've seen some decent looking ones on CB2...
  5. Dapp

    Cool furniture, design objects and desiderata

    Full disclosure that I am a design n00b to the nth degree. But I'm starting my first post-graduation job cross country and I'm given a relocation bonus of around $12.5k that I can spend however I choose. I'm opting to sell / ditch most of my college apartment furniture and start fresh instead of...
  6. Dapp

    The What Are You Wearing Today (WAYWT) Discussion Thread, Part II

    I'm not worthy of how fantastic the last few pages have been.
  7. Dapp

    The What Are You Wearing Today (WAYWT) Discussion Thread, Part II

    First post (and pic) in a looong time. Cold day on campus, but glad summer is over. I'm no match for the great pics posted the last while.
  8. Dapp

    2013 Kopping Retrospective / 2014 Kopping Plans

    Quote: With styleforum?
  9. Dapp

    Momotaro 702 Contest

    Don't be self conscious. You won't get far.
  10. Dapp

    The WAYWT Discussion Thread

    I had to temporarily de-lurk to say this is so great. What are the boots and pants?
  11. Dapp

    FS Canada Goose Men's Constable Jacket Medium Navy Excellent

    Are you asking $200 or $250? Also, does this run large or is it pretty TTS?
  12. Dapp

    The WAYWT Discussion Thread

    Jacket's a little too small =/. Sigh.
  13. Dapp

    A.P.C. The official thread for APC denim sizing and other questions.

    In case you guys haven't seen enough pictures of faded APC's, these are my NS after exactly 7 months of wear. They've had two washes (they started to smell after rainy days) which I didn't to do, but it was time.

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