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Recent content by cmp

  1. cmp

    "to catch a thief"

    I seem to recall that Grant kept his bottom suit coat button buttoned throughout the film. Anyone else notice this?
  2. cmp

    Real or Fake Zegna?

    Good advice. Yes, but it seems that it would be odd even so to have such a supply of returned MTM suits, all in fairly standard, plain colors (they are usually blue, gray, black like the "tessuto zegnas" you tend to see on Ebay).
  3. cmp


    Just Tell Me Something Good.
  4. cmp

    Real or Fake Zegna?

    Here's an Ebay auction for an "AUTHENTIC" new Zegna Su Misura suit. This seller regularly has a dozen or so of these up at any given time. Anyone care to venture an opinion whether they are genuine Zegna-made or not? And if they are genuine, how to explain the steady stream of MTM Zegna's?
  5. cmp


    See Rufus. Oh wait, you asked if anyone knew about this BRAND, not BAND.
  6. cmp

    IWC watch

    Not quite. The first model has minute "dots" while the Roman numeral version doesn't appear to. I don't like watches without the minute dots. What's the point of paying all that money for a fine movement if you can only tell the time give or take a couple of minutes?
  7. cmp

    Land's End Shoes

    It looks as if Land's End has revamped (no pun) its shoe lineup. They have some nice-looking versions of basic designs: a bal captoe, a plaintoe, a monk strap, and a penny loafer in particular appear attractive to me. All are now $150. Anyone tried one of these new models?
  8. cmp

    Adding a third button

    I have a suit, which is a few years old and has a "low stance" 2 button closure. Otherwise, the cut of the suit is fine. Is it possible to turn the jacket into a 3 button simply by adding a button and button hole above the current top button? Will this mess up the jacket? It looks to...
  9. cmp

    Size consistency within suit brands

    I've had some trouble recently buying from Ebay--it seems that the meaning of different seller's measurements can vary enough to matter. I'm now wondering whether, at least for the basic suit size (not sleeve and trouser lengths) it might be better to rely on the manufacturer's stated size. In...
  10. cmp

    Soft (leather) soled shoes

    This is not a case in which emulating "traditional peoples" is likely to work. In comparison to them, we city dwelling shoe-wearers have soft, weak feet and ankles. For example, native Nepali porters are able to carry crushing loads over steep, rocky trails through the high mountains...
  11. cmp

    Trouser alterations

    Thanks for the responses. On more question: when buying a used suit in which the pant waist measurement seems too large for the size, is it safe to assume that they have been let out and therefore may be taken in more without changing the balance, or not necessarily?
  12. cmp

    Trouser alterations

    Two sets of questions: (1) Is there any practical limit on the amount it is possible to take in the waist of a pair of trousers? Many of the suits I see on ebay have waist measurements that are quite a bit larger than I need. Usually, when buying off the rack, I need them taken in an inch or so...

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