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Recent content by cloud9eleet

  1. cloud9eleet

    Office decoration etiquette

    I'm pretty sure any of these should be appropriate... http://www.despair.com/viewall.html Thats exactly what I was thinking. I think I will also wear a tuxedo T-Shirt my first day to meet with my direct reports because it says I want to be formal, but I'm here to party. Anyways thanks for...
  2. cloud9eleet

    What makes a great belt?

    LAI, which stands for Luxury Apparel International. Best belt in the market. All our belts have snap backs, all our belts are 1 3/8" all belt buckles are interchangable, all belts are made in Brooklyn, NY. The best belt you'll ever own, period! We also special order to your specs in a selection...
  3. cloud9eleet

    Office decoration etiquette

    So I am starting a new position here in a month or so. Any input on etiquette for decorating your office? What is the etiquette for putting up awards from a previous employer in your new office? Is that 'hey look at my accomplishments' lame? The company is an east coast pharmaceutical and I...
  4. cloud9eleet

    Barber Shave in NYC

    Paul Mole Barber Shop - 212-535-8461 - 1031 Lexington Ave New York, NY 10021 (73rd & 74th) There is a particular fellow there (I cannot recall his name) who is well known for his service.
  5. cloud9eleet

    Tailor in NYC

    + to Cardelino. I use him for all my basic tailoring. I am not quite comfortable with them to do anything more advanced, but for non-functioning sleeves, hems, and the like, or cheaper items i always use them. If it is a more substantial job or expensive garment, I use Wilfreds. Carl -- do...
  6. cloud9eleet

    Shopthefinest trunk show in NYC

    date? time? location? Details in this thread: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=35388
  7. cloud9eleet

    Rimless Glasses

    My rimless Silhouettes do not have any cracks for sure, not even hairline. Agreed, I have Silhouettes as well for 2+ years without issue.
  8. cloud9eleet

    Thom Browne trying too hard...

    I like the title "...costume..", seems appropriate.
  9. cloud9eleet

    Save 15% at Saks Mens Store

    Not sure if this has been posted yet, but I just got an email with the details. www.saks.com - 15% off Online Code: SAKSMEN7
  10. cloud9eleet

    Best oven?

    Electric ovens are better for experienced cooks as they allow proper temperature control. Correct. For ovens, electric is preferred as you are able to maintain a constant temperature. For ranges, its gas all the way. I recently remodeled my kitchen and went with Dacor gas range, electric...
  11. cloud9eleet

    Tailor in NYC

    I tried search but got tired after several pages of irrelevant results. Can anyone recommend a tailor in Manhattan/Brooklyn? I need someone who can tailor some of the online purchases I have made. I have used the guy who is above CEGO before, not sure if anyone can recommend anyone else. I guess...
  12. cloud9eleet

    What to pair with gray suit for casual night out?

    No belt, tricky. Any other ideas? Anyone down with the pink shirt idea? The shade of gray on the Tom suit is right on to what I am talking about BTW. Maybe I will go white.
  13. cloud9eleet

    What to pair with gray suit for casual night out?

    I do not think I could achieve the same look on my face though. Is he showing us anger?
  14. cloud9eleet

    What to pair with gray suit for casual night out?

    Here is what I was thinking, I didnt want to taint any responses. Pink shirt with light blue stripe, brown monkstraps and brown belt. The million dollar question, would my black gator strap Patek be blasphemy with the brown/gray/pink mix? I like drizzts idea of the white, very nice look I think.
  15. cloud9eleet

    What to pair with gray suit for casual night out?

    Okay here is the basic setup, light/medium gray three buttons, single breast, single vent suit. Trousers are flat front with no cuff and no tie. For a night out in the city at a lounge/nightclub, what color shoes/belt do you wear? What about shirt color/style? Pocket square appropriate? I am...

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