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  1. Classic

    Sartorial style and mainstream trends

    Harris, Well said. Classic
  2. Classic

    "english" styled suits hit the mall

    While I enjoy the fact that young people are starting to "dress up", IMO, there is too much money to be made from hip-hop inspired clothing. While most of us may not like the styles, designers are simply trying to get a piece of the action and so are venturing in with hopes of large...
  3. Classic

    What is the proper venue…

    Didn't Klinger on MASH, try to get out of the army by wearing a pair of shoes like those? Classic
  4. Classic

    Help needed with an ensemble for a friend

    Option #4. I like the tie, as well as the way it looks with the shirt and jacket colors. #1, the tie is too "silvery", while #2 and 3 just do not stand out IMO. Classic
  5. Classic

    Forsythe of canada shirts

    I don't know anything about the company, but I do have 3 shirts from them that I purchased during a recent trip in the US for $15US each. So far, I have worn only one and it wears well. Interesting comment about Paul Stuart, because a saleperson in a store said the same thing. Hey, for what I...
  6. Classic

    Suspenders or belt

    I go through "phases", and so there are times when I wear braces. However, overall I prefer a belt. I find that belts are less of a hassle then braces. Classic
  7. Classic

    How did you find the forum?

    My wife referred me to this site (and Andy's). Classic
  8. Classic

    Wish me luck.

    Best of luck, and our well wishes are with you. Classic
  9. Classic

    Newspaper article about member

    Excellent. Not many people earn a living at what they enjoy. Continued success. Classic
  10. Classic

    Isiah thomas

    Then again, what about Don Cherry. Classic
  11. Classic

    Isiah thomas

    Until recently, hockey coaches were the lower paid cousins of the professional sports. However, since some have now been getting big contracts, in some cases a whole lot more than the players, we are beginning to see them dressing better. Along with Wilson, there is also Pat Quinn of the Maple...
  12. Classic

    Cheapest & smartest place to get pants altered

    For simple jobs, I use the tailor at the dry cleaner where I take my suits to be cleaned and or pressed. It is relatively quite inexpensive, they do a good job, and their fee includes a cleaning and or steaming. For more complicated jobs, I generally use the Rosen inhouse tailor, just in case...
  13. Classic

    Is pin stripe trendy pattern?

    Personally, I like pin stripes and agree with Kabert regarding their versatility and looks. Regarding whether they are considered trendy, only if you chose to go with a cut that is "now", and not the timeless 2 or 3 button styles, which are always in fashion. Classic
  14. Classic

    Discount borrelli in nyc at century 21

    I have not been to Century 21, but have been to Marshall's. How do the two compare? And are there and Century 21s outside NYC area? Classic
  15. Classic

    What do you think about these?

    Please don't torture us. Do you think we could get a group discount? Classic

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