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  1. BYucko

    Management Consulting Discussion

    Hey guys, Management consulting has always been something that I've wanted to try out. I got a 6-week internship in a boutique consulting firm this summer. That means that June/July/August are free for me to do anything. What would you guys suggest that I do to beef myself up for full time...
  2. BYucko

    Dandruff shampoo recommendations?

    It gets bad with winter. I've tried many, many kinds of dandruff shampoos. Started rather predictably with Head and Shoulders, and had a stylist tell me that it ain't good because it's too harsh. Recommended me another shampoo...also with pyrithione zinc as the active ingredient. T-Gel, Selsun...
  3. BYucko

    Top law school w/ Canadian ug - disadvantage?

    Hi there, world of SF... I know a good bunch of you are lawyers. I'm doing a cost/benefit analysis for my little brother. He wants to get into H/Y/P Law (shoot for the stars, right?). I'm new to the world of law schools and I'm curious as to how much of a disadvantage it is for him to get his...
  4. BYucko

    Ask A Question, Get An Answer... - Post All Quick Questions Here (Classic menswear)

    Messenger Bag or some other Murse Function: gum/mints, water bottle, chapstick (accutane), snack, sunglasses, wallet, phone, earbuds, business cards, book, documents, student card, bus pass, PlayBook/iPad2 Colour: Black/brown/tan Price Range: $200-400
  5. BYucko

    What Makes for a Good Fighter?

    quick reflexes (dodge/parry/block/see attacks) thick skin (hard to be cut) strong core (punch/kick power) strong musculature in general (Overeem --> Ubereem) flexible (ground game/headkicks) good cardio (obviously) bones/nerves conditioned (ie shins/knees/elbows to deal damage, forearms to...
  6. BYucko

    Full Body Workout Recommendation

    There are about 1,413 full/total body workouts and I have no idea what to choose. I was hoping someone here knew of a good program or at least some guidelines. If you have questions about this type of program feel free to make this a general thread. Not looking to bulk at all, just lose about...
  7. BYucko

    The Official MMA thread

    Crazy. Wonder if it's true. What do you guys think about Edgar vs Maynard? I want to give the edge to Frankie but Maynard always goes in with a good game plan and grinds it out... It's quite true. Dana White has had to come out multiple times to say that Brock is under contract with the UFC...
  8. BYucko

    Ask A Question, Get An Answer... - Post All Quick Questions Here (Classic menswear)

    College student, want to get a Bay St. internship, need a new suit. Budget is around 500, but will consider everything sub-800. Stats: 5"8 135lbs and growing Thinking 1 or 2 buttons. Navy, black or gray. Emporio Armani from Yoox? http://www.yoox.com/item.asp?cod10=49115614 Or should I go to a...
  9. BYucko

    how to turn debilitating emotions into motivation?

    hey op, i too have mad social anxiety. it just so happens that i am this way. born and bred on the internet, i can type well and have fantastic online interactions, but when it comes to real life, i don't even know how to say hi to someone. but look at your situation this way. everything you...
  10. BYucko

    Improving focus without drugs

    dealing with big projects: -break it down into smaller chunks i.e. a big essay is broken into brainstorming, identifying sources, outline, writing, editing -do a max 3-hour burst for each chunk with 50 min on / 10 min off working intervals (studies have shown that your attention span wanes...
  11. BYucko

    What are you guys using to wash your face?

    To wash - L'Oreal Go 360 for Combination Skin (separate cleanser + exfoliator) or AcneFree Purifying Cleanser Sometimes I'll use this Biore mask I picked up at the supermarket. People might think I'm crazy, but if I don't do all I can do to control this face, I can really scare little children.
  12. BYucko

    Women's style - blouse for a busty woman?

    this thread is useless without pics. This came up in the FOURTH post? Wake up, guys!
  13. BYucko

    Canadian universities social life

    Funny, my whole high school refers to UVic as a "party school". More likely than not, you're just not meeting the right people. I know of some kids in UVic right now and I mean, they party hard.
  14. BYucko

    The best incentive to lose weight

    "I want to fit into this dress"
  15. BYucko

    Kanye West x LV

    HAHAHA What the hell is that on the back of the shoe? It's attitude.

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