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Recent content by bitrave

  1. bitrave

    Suitsupply NYC

    Gold chain really ties the whole look together...
  2. bitrave

    iTailor Custom Suits & Shirts Online - Official Affiliate Thread

    Hey bud! Lonely thread ey?
  3. bitrave

    Best of HOF: WAYRN 2012-2018

    Can anyone provide the details on Victor's black briefcase in this picture? https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOYasLNgEWAtIypmHxQ_R4Pctk0LSTSwANd-NaDjxJI_76LrFf33eXl_ty6PBonKg/photo/AF1QipMIjvTF8k701EBLsbti08J3rEkekQDMH-odMtX6?key=LUlHLU9QdFlWMzJiUy1lRWFYbzNiMFlqREROREJB
  4. bitrave

    SPIER & MACKAY - Official Affiliate Thread

    Would any of you fine gents be interested in a 42 Contemporary mid gray sharkskin suit (picture of reference)? Only alteration was shortening of the trousers. It has never been worn had it hanging in my closet since I bought it and think its time to call it quits. Based in the EU btw.
  5. bitrave

    Suitsupply NYC

    Looking very good! Is this Custom as in MTM or the custom option on their website?
  6. bitrave

    Suitsupply NYC

    Hey much appreciated! I can understand magic can be a tiring process but keep working it!
  7. bitrave

    Suitsupply NYC

    Hey do you have access to the suits as well as the jackets? I want to see which Havana's are coming in Navy blue! thanks in advance.
  8. bitrave

    Suitsupply NYC

    That's an eye opener for the MTM. I have several RTW SuSu suits and honestly find the fit to be more than decent for the price (lengthwise, clean back, no sleeve pitch etc). I have tried a Havana-former-Hudson recently and absolutely fell in love with the fit. I was however thinking of going the...
  9. bitrave

    Suitsupply NYC

    Hey guys anyone tried the iteration of Havana with the single flap pockets (not the one with the ticket pocket and really wide lapels)? I have a couple of Havana's but would prefer one with flap pockets. Anyway if anyone can offer feedback on the fit, sizing and especially lapel width would be...
  10. bitrave

    SPIER & MACKAY - Official Affiliate Thread

    Bought one SM suit in Neapolitan fit and quite happy with the result. But I don't see any new Neapolitan fit suits. Any idea on when these will hit the online store?
  11. bitrave

    SPIER & MACKAY - Official Affiliate Thread

    Quick question for anyone who's tried both the Contemporary and Slim in the Neapolitan cut, does the slim fit have higher armholes than the contemporary or is it just a matter of a nipped waist? @spiermackay
  12. bitrave

    Luxire Custom Clothing - Official Affiliate Thread

    I really thank you for your time and the detailed response, it is really much appreciated! I think Luxire should give you a discount on your next purchase since following your advise I think I will go through with the order. May all your suits fit perfectly for ever!
  13. bitrave

    Luxire Custom Clothing - Official Affiliate Thread

    That really does look nice congrats and good work for Luxire! I actually posted few days ago asking for advise as I am considering my first suit commission from Luxire and so your post came was some kind of karmic coincidence. I do have a couple of questions more though if you wouldn't mind...
  14. bitrave

    SPIER & MACKAY - Official Affiliate Thread

    Hey all looking at purchasing an SM Neapolitan line suit. Would anyone know how it compares to suitsupply sizing?

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