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Recent content by bauerbach

  1. bauerbach

    Cheapest place to find Tom Ford sunglasses?

    I bought mine on amazon, it was like 200 instead of 350... maybe thats not as cheap as it gets though.
  2. bauerbach

    Short or Regular Jacket? Want to avoid MTM. Having issues.

    Im also new to this game. Just picked up a RLBL as my first "nice" suit. shopped several brands, and I gravitated to their look. I ended up with a regular, as their jackets were already among the "slimmest" that I tried, it landed about to my knuckles, a fair compromise in my mind (that and...
  3. bauerbach

    Best Dressed Male TV Characters

    1993, and extremely mature/conservative. Who knows if the super loose suits will come back into style... but I somewhat doubt it, it was a derivative of the 80's. His brother niles always upset me. Look at this, the suit is ATLEAST 1 size too big... maybe 2 sizes. and the lapel lol...
  4. bauerbach

    Short or Regular Jacket? Want to avoid MTM. Having issues.

    Ive heard that a jacket should fall between the base of your thumb, and the cup of your fingers (like you should be able to curl your fingers under the jacket). Im similair in size to you but wear a 40, a regular comes to my fingers, a short to my thumb. Its personal preference... neither is...
  5. bauerbach

    any way to "verify" RL black and purple label authenticity?

    purchased a black label and purple label shirt, and a purple label tie. From ebay, the guy was selling a fair amount of RL products, various types of clothing, 2 week no questions gaurentee. Im very pleased with the shirts and thats probably all that matters, but it is priced because of a...
  6. bauerbach

    Best Dressed Male TV Characters

    neal caffrey wears a fair amount of actual vintage suiting (make unknown). He also wears varvatos and paul smith... *shrug* http://blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2009/11/neal-caffrey-from-white-collar.html the trick to this is that most tv stars are wearing wardrobe suits, with no maker...
  7. bauerbach

    Best Dressed Male TV Characters

    styles that resonate well with me would probably be don draper, white collar, persons of interest. but I get the impression that this crowd rejects the "slim" look. probably end up seeing letterman with his bespoke suiting high up the list...
  8. bauerbach

    Colors for buttons on a navy Blazer...

    I can say that I am just saving my pennies, I just bought a RLBL charcoal suit, but while in there, the salesman put a navy jacket on me, it has shiny silver buttons. yeah... loved it. It will be my next big purchase. I agree with you, blue with gold feels... old to me. I get the...
  9. bauerbach

    Business slacks... all colors/patterns a go?

    filling out the most hated of SF dress codes, business casual, I know its broad and means something different to everyone. Personally,I like chinos in my wardrobe, but I dont love them for business use, the heavy cotton feels a little informal, even if it would be acceptable to my peers. with...
  10. bauerbach

    going out tomorrow to buy a suit. RLBL vs EZegna and other tips?

    I did have it tailored, its with them not, thus no pics. the search for a tie has begun.
  11. bauerbach

    going out tomorrow to buy a suit. RLBL vs EZegna and other tips?

    I did not try on any PRL, my understanding is that they are not very tailored, and not made by caruso either. appropriate for their price I am sure. The lapels didnt stand out to me. but I guess I was trying on all "slim fit" suits, so probably why.
  12. bauerbach

    going out tomorrow to buy a suit. RLBL vs EZegna and other tips?

    yes I did. I opted to leave it that way, they advised that they could add belt loops if I wanted. Not sure if Ill go that route at some point.
  13. bauerbach

    going out tomorrow to buy a suit. RLBL vs EZegna and other tips?

    I spent 10 hours in the stores today, I started in saks, isaia, brioli, corneliani. Then I went to RL, E Zegna, and BB. now I did like the isaia and brioli very much, but the prices were what they are, and to be honest, suit shopping in saks was like swimming in a shark tank. I guess I...
  14. bauerbach

    going out tomorrow to buy a suit. RLBL vs EZegna and other tips?

    waiting isnt an option. I dont feel confortable standing in front of a room in my oversized $200 suit from mens warehouse that fits like a potato sack and looks like one too. Ive looked at many suits, and if professional means nothing beyond a 4" drop, and a lapel that touches the shoulder...

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