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Recent content by aspriel

  1. aspriel

    Polo Recommendations?

    Big fan of Lacoste and Burberry here.
  2. aspriel

    Nudie stitching removal

    So are we talking Average Joe is comparable to Diesel's Zathan? (hide)
  3. aspriel

    favorite pizza

    Edwardo's Natural Pizza - CHICAGO, IL - the only city where good pizza is served.
  4. aspriel

    Favorite coffeemaker

    I use a french press for tea, since I don't drink coffee. When I do have a cup, it's usually Vietnamese coffee. How do you make Vietnamese coffee? I love getting it at Viet places.
  5. aspriel

    What about the average guy?

    I'm going to go against the Most Holy SF Doctrine(tm) and say that I like some KC shoes for casual-ish wear. But, I don't like your point. I needed a pair of dress shoes. I -could- have bought some KCs for $150-$200. Or some Cole Haans. But instead, I saved up more from my work/study on campus...
  6. aspriel

    So the cologne I tried on is for women.

    I ended up not getting it. Too quick fading for the price. I liked Dior Homme and Terre D'Hermes a lot, though....
  7. aspriel

    I saw a sign of overbranding and "chav"-ing?

    I bought my g/f a Coach bag recently. Maybe it's the college student thing - when I see the really sophisticated and high end evening bags and the like, I don't see a college student's bag. I bought her one of the logo print bags that is black on black - it doesn't look trashy and possibly fake...
  8. aspriel

    I saw a sign of overbranding and "chav"-ing?

    I like DSquared. People here will be quick to call me a label whore or whatever. I also like Diesel and Burberry a lot. /shrug DSquared is VERY hit or miss with me - I like some of their shoes,some of their tops that aren't really obscene, etc.
  9. aspriel

    I saw a sign of overbranding and "chav"-ing?

    Their sailor line this year is CRACKING me up. I can't believe anyone would pay $400 for those tacky red/white/blue polos. The buyer at Sak's chicago found the worst of it too....some of the stuff at Scoop is at least decent-looking, if overpriced. I *saw* those! Saks Chicago usually gets it...
  10. aspriel

    so i need some button up shirts for work.

    I like Express' shirts that are NOT their "stretch" fabric, that stuff SUCKS.
  11. aspriel

    Cash in your card case?

    Bought the prada one, loving it.
  12. aspriel

    Cash in your card case?

    I'm thinking about buying one from Prada - nice leather one with two/three card slots on one side with a ID window on the obverse.
  13. aspriel

    Cash in your card case?

    I love slim card cases. They're much slimmer without the corresponding money clip. My -only- question with these is that, yes, it can carry a couple folded bills very nicely. What do I do when I hand over a $20 for coffee and get 3 $5s and 2 $1s back? (If I don't own a separate clip.)
  14. aspriel

    Wallet help needed

    I am looking for the same. I have my eye on this Prada wallet ($115). Very slim, has two or three credit card slots on one side, and on the obverse side it has an ID window. My -only- question with this wallet is that, yes, it can carry a couple folded bills very nicely. What do I do when I...
  15. aspriel

    Hot girls who want to be your friend

    I'm in the same boat as a couple other posters before. I dislike my gender (other members of it. I'm cool.) I think that men are generally jackasses that have nothing positive to offer in terms of friendship. (The comment on page 1/2ish that said women are the other team and are for sport, not...

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