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Recent content by archibaldleach

  1. archibaldleach

    2019 50 Book Challenge

    Thanks for starting the new one. Subscribed, and hoping to keep up last year's pace again.
  2. archibaldleach

    2018 50 Book Challenge

    Happy New Year, all. I would like to have had the chance to comment on these, but barely made it to 70 books under the wire (finishing Anna Karenina and thus completing my rereading goals for the year) before watching Northwestern complete an epic comeback against Utah. Total page count of...
  3. archibaldleach

    A Sam (and David) Hober Tie Appreciation Thread

    Yup. I've never done it myself, but I've considered it from time to time. https://www.samhober.com/options-for-tie-construction/handsewn-monograms-up-to-2-on-tie-keepers.html
  4. archibaldleach

    NFL 2017-18 Thread

    That game was cool and all, but let's not forget that Tom Brady is one yard away from getting 1,000 career rushing yards. He could hit that milestone on Sunday. Seriously, though. That game was one of the craziest things I've seen in my time watching football. Two Super Bowl contenders...
  5. archibaldleach

    The State of Black Tie: Your Observations

    Great photos, Andy. Looks like you enjoyed the trip to Chicago.
  6. archibaldleach

    A Sam (and David) Hober Tie Appreciation Thread

    I have a couple of Satin Hober ties. I'd echo the other poster who says they are not incredibly versatile. They're a great choice for the evening when the sheen can really bring an outfit together, but not so much during the day. On the other hand, I love Macclesfield silks and some of his other...
  7. archibaldleach

    How many miles did you run today?

    2.5. Felt some abdominal cramping, so just ran at an easy pace for a bit.
  8. archibaldleach

    2018 50 Book Challenge

    ^ Thank you, sir. It feels good to not be crawling across the finish line at the last minute this year. I've found the trick is to have just enough semi-light stuff to keep going. Well written biographies and histories can be a lot of fun to read too and tend to go faster than the really dense...
  9. archibaldleach

    2018 50 Book Challenge

    64. Davis, Jack - Gulf: The Making of an American Sea - A sort of history of the Gulf of Mexico. There are some interesting characters and anecdotes, but I wasn't particularly blown away by the book. Decent enough prose, though. That one got me to 30,000 pages worth of books, my goal for the...
  10. archibaldleach

    How many miles did you run today?

    About 3.5 today.
  11. archibaldleach

    How many miles did you run today?

    4 miles after leg day at the gym. Tomorrow is likely going to be a lot of riding the stationary bike while watching college football due to a mix of (1) wanting to watch games and (2) weather being garbage around here.
  12. archibaldleach

    2018 50 Book Challenge

    59 Rubenstein, Hal - 100 Unforgettable Dresses 60 Hoffman, Paul - The Man Who Loved Only Numbers 61 Dostoevsky, Fyodor - The Idiot 62 Easterbrook, Gregg - It's Better Than It Looks 63 Strauss, Barry S. - The Anatomy of Error Enjoyed a little light reading on fashion; my local library has a...
  13. archibaldleach

    How many miles did you run today?

    5 miles today in 45:00; ran a pretty darn fast (for my current running) final 400 meters to get to 9:00 pace just under the wire.
  14. archibaldleach

    How many miles did you run today?

    4-something today.
  15. archibaldleach

    How many miles did you run today?

    Good stuff. I also think more exercise can be linked to greater quality of life; I say this as a former unfit person. I would accept a couple years off my life expectancy to be able to enjoy being able to get out and do things for much more of said life.

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