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Recent content by altemp

  1. altemp

    The Contentedness thread

    There are two things that have no charged for me in the past two years. My PBJ's and my TOJ 2010 winter varsity. They've become such a part of my daily wear (varsity outside of summer) that I hadn't even considered replacing them with something new until recently, when I put my denim through the...
  2. altemp

    TOJ - updates on the debacle, complaints, news about other ventures, whatever.

    It looks great in the second picture, but really off in the first.
  3. altemp

    Ask a Question, Get an Answer - ask all quick questions here

    Anyone know when the new gyakousu line is coming out? not seeing any release dates anywhere.
  4. altemp

    Should I or shouldn't I buy... (clothing item)?

    pass for me, the collar looks really cheap. usually like krane offerings though.
  5. altemp

    Should I or shouldn't I buy... (clothing item)?

    Really thinking about it. Cosmic light source s/s2012 parka. Transition between shades is so smooth, looks ever better in person.
  6. altemp

    Should I or shouldn't I buy... (clothing item)?

    Bottom portion looks really weird on the cardi, I would pass.
  7. altemp

    Recent purchases - Part II

    Buying way too much shit here. Got it for <$40 usd from department store.
  8. altemp

    Recent purchases - Part II

    Picked up a smaller day pack to add to my UC backpack. Nanamica x Yellow Rat x North Face collab. Also picked up 2 Lad Musician tees, Mick Jagger and Fender but can't be bothered to find pics.
  9. altemp

    Recent purchases - Part II

    dis bag. uc
  10. altemp

    Yohji, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Looser Fit (Yohji Yamamoto Thread)

    I went to the Y-3 store in shibuya today (or one of them) and I was really not expecting the prices I saw. Is Y-3 stuff generally up there with mainline Yohji? Even some of the pants were breaking 100,000 yenyen definitely didn't feel like it was worth it. The actual Yohji mainline stuff feels...

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