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Recent content by alebrady

  1. alebrady

    Has anybody bought a Savile Row custom suit?

    When deciding on who to work with for my first SR suit, i did spend most of a day speaking with some of the various houses.' I had some non-Savile Row bespoke experience (so, was familiar with the process and what areas I liked and did not like from my prior experiences/suits) and had also...
  2. alebrady

    Shoe Wear Question

     what size shoe are you wearing that you would fit undershirts/etc. in there? socks and belts and things easy to fit in shoes are not the issue - two suits, workout wear, two laptops (and associated peripherals), large number of files - and then trying to fit in two pairs of shoes are.
  3. alebrady

    Shoe Wear Question

    I travel almost every 3-4 days/week for work. I carry on my luggage but between dress shoes and runnnig shoes for my workout, the shoes always tend to take up the most space in my bags. I am wondering - is it damaging to my high quality shoes to take only one pair a week but wear them on 3-4...
  4. alebrady

    What Has Happened To Vox??

    and all his posts?
  5. alebrady

    James Sherwood's new book

    Massive though. Coffee table massive. excellent
  6. alebrady

    Persol 714 vs 649

    Bump. Anyone know if the new McQueen limited model comes in 52? I emailed SunGlass Hut a few days ago but no response from them. why would you ask sunglass hut? ask persol
  7. alebrady

    1-Button Thoughts

    That's okay ... I'll forego that extra button. Huntsman (and Richard Anderslon) have long had a preference for the one-button coat ... and now that even Anderson & Sheppard will make up a SB coat w/ a one-button closure ... I'm a happy camper all around. Had I listened to Brian My first...
  8. alebrady

    1-Button Thoughts

    In my opinion, 2 button suits are overall a better buy. I assume because of that free extra button
  9. alebrady

    Traveling with nice suits tomorrow - need a luggage solution

    I'm on day two of a 4-day trip. I have a pair of #8 shell longwings, and that's it. craziness
  10. alebrady

    Traveling with nice suits tomorrow - need a luggage solution

    sounds good but do you not travel with a briefcase/laptop bag?
  11. alebrady

    Traveling with nice suits tomorrow - need a luggage solution

    tennis shoes AND 2 pairs of dress shoes for 4 days? excessive. traveling requires compromises. 24 hour shoe rotation and 3lb spring-loaded cedar shoe trees are things I give up. yeah, i guess ill have to keep checking - no way i am wearing one pair of dress shoes 4 days straight
  12. alebrady

    Traveling with nice suits tomorrow - need a luggage solution

    you guys must know better tricks than i do for packing a roll-on. for a 4 day trip, I basically need at least 2 suits, 2 pairs of dress shoes, 1 pair of running shoes, dress shirts, undershirts, dress socks, workout clothes, workout socks, casual pants/shirt...even if i wear the suit and 1 pair...
  13. alebrady

    Savile Row 'Field Day' - Oct. 11

    - He was open to the fact that people may frequent more than one Row house, though he noted it was more common to move from one to another than frequent a couple at once. He did say that a number of his New York customers (just back from a trip there) were ordering suits from 2 or 3 houses and...
  14. alebrady

    Advice sought re: Cartier watch for wife (pics included)

    absolutely no question - white. wives need us to direct their misguided inclinations in these types of things....though, of course, i am not married

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