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Recent content by AldenPyle

  1. AldenPyle

    OFFICIAL Game of Thrones Thread

    It'd be cool if it ended with Gendry on the Iron Throne and then he dumps Arya for her hot sister.
  2. AldenPyle

    Acting Director in Exile, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

    Acting Director in Exile, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  3. AldenPyle


    So I take it that Arnold is Arnoldficial Intelligence?
  4. AldenPyle

    OFFICIAL Game of Thrones Thread

     Probably, the Knights of the Vale took a similarly convenient path. I look forward to reading about it in some future book.
  5. AldenPyle

    OFFICIAL Game of Thrones Thread

    Actually now that you mention it, it does seem pretty bogus how the Riders of Rohan got the drop on the Nazgul at the Battle of Pellenor Fields. Those idiots were actually flying around on giant lizards and they missed a massive army of horseman riding up to the battlefield?
  6. AldenPyle

    OFFICIAL Game of Thrones Thread

    I enjoyed this episode. In the moment, the fight scenes were pretty dramatic. Its possible that some of the battle might not stand up to more intense scrutiny, but that's fine.
  7. AldenPyle

    OFFICIAL Game of Thrones Thread

     I was sort of thinking that after the Arryns show up, Ramsay decides to retreat into Winterfell for a siege, but Umbers lock them out or Reeds show up to block the way, and Littlefinger steps out of the shadows smirking. I am sure the real writers could come up with something better.
  8. AldenPyle

    OFFICIAL Game of Thrones Thread

     Seems like if Marjorie got pregnant (which they foreshadowed last ep), she might have an incentive to kill Tommen. OTOH, if crazy Cersei burns up Tommen, Marjorie would probably claim she was pregnant. In fact, it would be pretty cool if Tommy boy survived getting burned up by the skin of...
  9. AldenPyle

    OFFICIAL Game of Thrones Thread

     They have spent this season writing themselves out of a long list of corners that GRR Martin spent 20 years writing them into. Some of the getting out of those dud plots may be a bit abrupt or unlikely and it looks like they have been saving a bit of money with small scale scenes. On the...
  10. AldenPyle

    OFFICIAL Game of Thrones Thread

    Gotta say these Faceless Men are pretty over-hyped. By rep, they are the world's greatest assassins, capable of killing the best protected of monarchs. In practice, they are a couple of dipshits who can't manage to kill a low-rent actress or a teenage girl.
  11. AldenPyle

    OFFICIAL Game of Thrones Thread

    I am not quite sure I understand the scale of these White zombie guys. On the one hand it seems the show is hinting that they are an existential threat to humanity that will only be beaten by a combined army of the Nights Watch, the Unsullied, the Dothraki Horde, the Iron Born, and whatever...
  12. AldenPyle

    Prince is Dead...sigh

    Wouldn't Prince be the recording artist most likely to fake his own death? Just saying.
  13. AldenPyle

    Dress in Academia

    Seems like American students are piercing their faces less than they did 10 or 15 years ago.
  14. AldenPyle

    Dress in Academia

     Almost is the keyword. I'm thinking Paulie Gaultieri velour track suits or maybe the full Hefner.

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