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Recent content by Agatha Crusty

  1. Agatha Crusty

    Ongoing Bespoke Projects

     The back looks very snug. Considering where the front edge has been marked off in chalk and where it is pinned now, if that proposed front is going to overlap what will the back be like then?
  2. Agatha Crusty

    The official thrift/discount store bragging thread - Part II (May 2015 - Sept. 2018)

     You can stop taking mind-altering drugs for a start.
  3. Agatha Crusty

    Advice needed on sportcoat&slacks casual fridays

    "Hopsack is very different from both flannel and cotton..." What is this supposed to mean? Hopsack is really a sort of burlap. but the weave using worsted yarns is used to refer to a sort of plain or basket-weave cloth. Flannel or worsted or hopsack is not something different from "cotton"...
  4. Agatha Crusty

    Advice needed on sportcoat&slacks casual fridays

     It's a well-worn dispute. What Americans (and now most people) call a 'blazer' was traditionally called a 'reefer' jacket in England. Making these up in Saxony (another worsted cloth) or Serge or flannel was most common. A 'blazer' here in England was very often single-breasted and referred...
  5. Agatha Crusty

    Advice needed on sportcoat&slacks casual fridays

     That's merely your opinion and beside the point. Blazers have been made in worsted cloths for many years, Serge is a twilled worsted cloth; it's common use was in making fine military uniforms. Worsted doesn't just refer to some thin super 100s cloth.
  6. Agatha Crusty

    Advice needed on sportcoat&slacks casual fridays

     What would 'most' agree on then? Serge? Try finding that outside of a tailor's. Loads of blazers are made in worsted cloths.
  7. Agatha Crusty

    Thoughts on this overcoat

    You can do what you like since you've already bought it, but I think you should leave it alone. I see you're also pulling it from the rear, indicating that you want it to have some more waist suppression. The latter may be beneficial if you're planning to wear it over shirt/jumper. Don't get...
  8. Agatha Crusty

    Swaine Adeney Brigg in Administration?

    There still seems to be dozens upon dozens of people who are stupid enough to fritter away money on brand prestige; even when the revered names are openly rehashed operations run by venture capitalists trading on past prestige. They must laugh at all the clowns dropping half a month's salary on...
  9. Agatha Crusty

    Knit ties - what history and future?

    I suppose this thread is about crochet ties and not grenadines - which is what Connery is wearing in those two Bond photos. I wear them and I also see them with some frequency, though less so than regular silk ties. To my mind a quality silk knit is rather stylish and not just a casual tie. I...
  10. Agatha Crusty

    Folded Up Shirt Appreciation

     No, white, pink and pale blue.
  11. Agatha Crusty

    that pesky roll below the collar

    Thank you.That's some good and useful detail for me. Yes I've done the work myself and on two occasions I've come up against the issue of the shorter back causing flair from the waist to the vents. Knowing that sometimes fiddling about in the wrong place trying to remedy things can cause even...
  12. Agatha Crusty

    that pesky roll below the collar

     Could you explain this a little more? I understand the idea that the back can end up shorter (I've done it), but I'm not quite sure what you mean by opening the sides and raising the back up. Would that not make it even shorter?
  13. Agatha Crusty


    I've done this alteration, in fact from a more detailed explanation you gave me in a pm. The two issues I came across were some rippling right at the point where the armhole hits the sleeve-head and some loss of balance in regard to the back length. In the alteration I opened the shoulder seams...

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