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  1. 65535

    American Fat v. Beauty

    I would say this explains our current obesity epidemic pretty well: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/01/28/ma...ls&oref=slogin tl;dr
  2. 65535

    American Fat v. Beauty

    Is there really truth to that, about a girl's arms? Do you mean when a girl's arms just have a little flab to them? all i can offer is anecdotal evidence. A friend brought it to mu attention. He had always noticed a girls arms growing up... didnt think anything of it until he started adding...
  3. 65535

    Deodorant/Anti-Perspirant help

    any antiperspirant has always worked for me. Instead of a wifebeater, try a crew tshiry (thin white cotton tee) underneath. I can spend an hour lifting in the gum and the only visible sweat on my shirt is the neck area, where it is in firect contact with the skin. I swear by em.
  4. 65535

    American Fat v. Beauty

    Has a lot to do with genetics too. Look at a young woman, who is not fat (ie, bangable) Look at her arms.... do they seem kind of soft and chunky... almost disproportionately so compared to the body? If yes, chances are she'll be a big fat mess when her metabolism slows down. It's pretty...
  5. 65535

    Help re: Electric Shavers

    Philips/Norelco Aritec is very good. The older models (81xx) and below are pretty bad, I have one. It does a passable job but produces some irritation.
  6. 65535

    Gym shoe recommendations

    Does he do any lifting? I have ultra-cheap Sugi Court Plus XL... They are very sticky and stiff... so verry good for bracing yourself on the bench or doing deadlifts.... It could be the pain comes from crappy unsupportive shoes, and him trying very hard to stay stable...
  7. 65535

    Adidas "Azteca 68"... classy or obnoxious?

    These are are off the beaten path compared to the classics many here prefer. But I think they look interesting. Are they classy (ie a notch above black with white trim) or faux-leopard-skin-style obnoxious? http://www.hynms.jp/ec/detail/cid=0&pid=4747 Here's a very clear picture:
  8. 65535

    How important is sexual compatibility in a relationship?

    PUA? I had to google that one LOL. I read one of those back in my teens. It was the biggest pile of dog shit ever. Not that it was blatantly incorrect, but that it was flawed in its way of teaching. I think those books try to teach shortcuts and ways to act a certain way, so people just apply it...
  9. 65535

    Metallic jeans?

    Reminds me of the intel bunny people ads
  10. 65535

    How important is sexual compatibility in a relationship?

    This is just wrong on so many levels. That mentality isn't right for everyone, doesn't mean it's wrong. Speaking from experience, it works great. A good relationship is one where the woman is just a little bit uneasy. Even if you don't tap into some side, the knowledge that you can and are...
  11. 65535

    How important is sexual compatibility in a relationship?

    I ask this because my current situation calls for me to think about it's importance. When my ex-gf and I were together, we used to have sex probably 2x a day, sometimes more, sometimes less. She would jump me more often than I would jump her. My current girlfriend, who I like a lot and am...
  12. 65535

    Gentlemen, let's discuss Stan Smiths

    Looks like there's a new version out. V2 seems very popular here, but nothing for "2.5" What do you guys think? The one with the band around the sole is version 2.5. Personally I really like the clean look of the V2, but the v2.5 seems a bit more balanced design wise.
  13. 65535

    cam recommendations

    Cannot vouch for any camcorders. If total budget is 1300, than that precludes you getting an SLR. P&S, the best brands are as follows: Casio Canon Pentax (higher end models, not the entry level E-series) Fuji. Most (but not all) nikons are disappointing, as are most Kodaks and Samsungs...
  14. 65535

    Really esoteric windows question

    I don't know. I'm usually done in less than 10 minutes. I read you and i concur
  15. 65535

    Protein bars/shakes that taste decent

    Cliff bars are great, travel well for long bike rides, cheap at Sams or Wall mart no protein in those though

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