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  1. ATWright
    ATWright gopherblue
    I don't suppose you still have the tobacco fresco you listed awhile ago?
  2. Eric California
    Eric California intheknow
    Hi there! I saw your post about buying replica furniture from China Yadea. I'm considering purchasing the eames lounge chair, the wegner shell chair, the knoll bench, the wegner wishbone chairs, and a few others. Do you have any experience with those items? How was the quality of the leather items you purchased? Thanks so much! You can also email me directly at ericsl at g mail if it's easier. Thanks!
  3. druology
    druology thatoneguy
    Hey, this is a longshot, but are you still selling nail rings? I'm trying to get the twisted one. Thanks!
  4. pediapedia
  5. Gurp Johal
    Gurp Johal Equus Leather
    Hello Charlie,

    Any chance you have the direct contact for Ray clark? I was hopeful to commision a bag from him if he is still making them. Thank you so much. Only asking as I can only find his etsy page but you had sent his contact to another member previously.

    All the best,

  6. Gurp Johal
    Gurp Johal seasky

    I was hopeful to commision a case from Simon Baker and came across a post in which you have had experiences with him. Your advice would be greatly appreciated as you commented there were issues with delays, pricing etc? Thank yoy very much. [email protected]
  7. Mark Seitelman
    Mark Seitelman dfoverdx
    Good afternoon. How much for the London Lounge cloth? Thank you. Mark.
  8. Indyoshi68
  9. Jesse Boskoff
    Jesse Boskoff
    Just joined StyleForum, love the website.
  10. Lizbeth Villalobos
    Lizbeth Villalobos Hampton
    Please let me know if it's still available your Carolina Herrera Jacket
  11. Lizbeth Villalobos
    Lizbeth Villalobos Hampton
    Hi I would like to buy your jacket
  13. acdthegr81
  14. million1
  15. JaneKerzi
    checking this site out!

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