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New Profile Posts

  1. BrittanyRandolph
    Think about ERP project management.
  2. therealboston
    therealboston SergioSP
    Hi, still available SLP hedi slimane army boots?
  3. napoliuomo
    Nice, Nice, Nice & Nice Guys
  4. Maddude
    Maddude blue collar
    Hi, I saw your post on one of the threads on a bag you made--was wondering if you make briefcases/messenger bags? Do you have any pictures of them perchance?
  5. goatamous
  6. Cool One
    Cool One
    https://amzn.to/2S2vIx1 Fire TV Stick mit Alexa-Sprachfernbedienung (1. Generation) EUR 39,99 Angebotspreis: EUR 29,99
  7. Cpruessn
    Cpruessn NOBD
    Hey I saw an old post about how you changed out the buttons of a peacoat, it looked great. Can you tell me what peacoat it was?
  8. LeeJason
    LeeJason stephenaf2003
    Hi. I saw you in the best of B/S/T thread, and saw you were from Northern VA. Are there a few members from around the area on this site?
  9. ArchibaldRoh
    Glad to be amongst this community - looking forward to engaging and hopefully learning from all you wonderful contributors!
  10. Stickler
    Boys have swagger, Men have style, gentlemen have character
  11. lakerwu
  12. DWFII
    DWFII benjamin831
    Regarding burnishing the outsole...be aware that you have to rub vigorously and probably longer than you think,esp. if the leather is thoroughly wet. And it should be but without "standing water" on it. Too dry leather won't burnish much or correctly.

    PS: Looks like you have private messages turned off. I tried to send one but there was no option to do so in your profile.
    1. benjamin831
      Thank you for your advice and also for letting me know that I had PM turned off, I've turned it back on.

      I'll give the burnishing a shot!
      Oct 11, 2018
  13. sfny
    sfny ahjota
    Hi Ahjota, I just noticed an old (2014) posting of yours on the Kent Wang affiliate threat. It's from your wedding, with a great pin (http://www.styleforum.net/content/type/61/id/1558496/width/350/height/700). I was looking to commission a suit from KW, and the fabric on your suit is wonderful. Do you happen to know the fabric maker and code? Would it make a good suit for regular wear? Thanks so much! Aaron
  14. D'Avino Napoli
    D'Avino Napoli
    The D'Avino shirt -cuttergives his shirt, with its exclusive 25 points made by hand and 32 hours of workmanship. the execellence of its kind
  15. worxgroup
    Embroidery & Screen Printing promo items at Murfreesboro and around Tennessee

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