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Sold! Zeb boots in shell cordovan & calf ~8.5UK - BNIB $799 AUD / $549USD

Sold! Zeb boots in shell cordovan & calf ~8.5UK - BNIB $799 AUD / $549USD

  1. Brown
Shoe Size - US
  1. 9
Universal Size
  1. M
The last 12 months or so have certainly been amongst the most troubling for quite some time.

One evening early last year, I came home from work. “Honey, I’m home!” I called out.
“In here,” came a muffled voice from the spare room. I walked in to find my wife emerging from under the bed.
“What are you doing down there?” I asked.
“I want to paint the bathroom, and I was looking for the colour chart we kept from last time,” she replied. I groaned audibly. “Don’t be like that, you’ll love the new colour,” my wife informed me. “It’s called ‘Forlorn Fairy Sighs.’”
Weeks of upheaval ensued, all for the purpose of transforming the room from light blue to an utterly undetectably different shade of light blue. FFS indeed.

Soon after this was my birthday. I received the most exquisite tie! It was a bespoke creation from Charvet, cut to my measurements, and embroidered with my IG handle. It came in a specially-made presentation box lined with hide sourced from Horween (not the famous Chicago tannery, but our recently departed brown labradoodle who happened to share the name). It was simply stunning!
Sadly, I wore this precious gift on just one occasion. The next day, I found it shredded on the living room floor, the culprit being our new Tibetan mastiff pup, Annonay.

The most disconcerting event however was my coming second in pub trivia due to a disputed answer (I mean, what is the difference between Delhi and New Delhi anyway?).

As I say, it has been a thoroughly tumultuous time.

So it’s nice to know that some things haven’t changed. It’s comforting, especially for those high in trait neuroticism, that a few aspects of life have remained constant, unyielding and steadfast as a mighty oak tree.

One such example are these exquisite balmoral boots, hand-crafted in shell cordovan and calf, complete with bags, box and matching belt. They are quite unchanged since you last saw them.

They remain firmly in their storage box, and patiently await someone with sufficient style, taste and means to emerge as their new owner.

Hopefully not from under the bed in the spare room.
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