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FS: Hermes GM Agenda in Porosus Crocodile (Bleu Jean)

FS: Hermes GM Agenda in Porosus Crocodile (Bleu Jean)

Looking to sell my Hermes GM Agenda. Wrapped in the single most luxurious leather Hermes has to offer, it is VERY rare to see any item in Porosus crocodile. Not to mention it is also their most expensive leather choice. Far more often you see Hermes use Nilo crocodile skin. Two things really make Porosus special. One the way Porosus crocodile takes on dye, it gives the leather an almost three dimensional look. The blue jean dye used here makes the crocodile scales pop. Second is the actual scale pattern of Porosus. The skin begins with larger scales in the center, gradually becoming smaller and more round at the edges. The Porosus crocodile species is considered among the best of the international reptile population to use for luxury goods because of their texture, scale and pattern.

This agenda is simply jaw dropping. Like human fingerprints, every saltwater crocodile has an individual pattern. And to my eye, this is the absolute best crocodile skin I have seen used in any Hermes leather good. I make regular visits to the San Francisco boutique and in over ten years nothing has come close to this agenda for me. The pictures barely do it justice, it is simply perfection.

This was purchased back during the 2011 Hermes summer sale. You can see the S stamp next to the stamp indicating that this is Porosus crocodile skin (^). In 2011 Hermes made the very rare mistake of over producing a large number of small leather goods. Since this particular sale, Hermes has been very careful to ensure that items such as this are not overproduced, so it is very unlikely that you will see any small leather goods in exotic skins in future sales. Basically the way Hermes operates these days finding any exotic skin is difficult. I can pretty much grantee you will not be seeing Porosus crocodile ever again in any sale. You probably wont see any even if you visit your regular Hermes boutique for months. Its rarefied air even for Hermes.

I'm not very active on sytleforum anymore. But my last sale here was a Hermes Steve bag ($9000). Any questions please let don't hesitate.
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