Question: Hoping some of the experts here can help me out. I'm new to the shoe polish game... bought some Saphir bordeaux cream polish and wax for my burgundy Carmina single monks. The color appeared almost a perfect match, but I was still kind of expecting the polish to darken the shoes slightly (which I was fine with). Unfortunately, despite following this thread and watching some tutorials, I completely failed at getting any sort of mirror shine with the wax on the toe box. Even more unfortunately, I seem to have instead achieved some dark spots on the toe where I applied the wax (about three rounds) even though I purposely used about as little wax polish as I thought possible. Attached is a pic. Will I be able to get this out with some renomat, or should I resign myself to having darkened toes.? I suppose I don't really mind the latter as long as it is even and has a burnished effect. Thanks for any help you guys can provide.

Answer: Generally you have to expect when you mirror shine the color to look a shade or two deeper than the rest of the shoe (more noticeable in mid colored shoes (burgundy- tan -brown-blue-green))!

Now in your case and judging from the given color and the fact that you didnt achieve a mirror shine i can suspect the the dark spots are from water and solvents!! you can clean them with renomat or similar product to make it faster but even if you leave your shoes the water ll evaporate and the dark spots ll fade away!

I hope i helped you a little bit!

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