Q. \What tie would work best with a medium-blue suit for a wedding?

New user. Have read through many threads on SF in the last few months while wedding planning.

It'll be a relatively casual affair, family home in Mexico, starting at 5:30 continuing to late.

I'm planning on a mid blue suit (Suit Supply Jort model) with a white shirt, white pocket square, tan captoe Oxfords. I had been looking at wearing a lilac grenadine tie from Chipp2 / Paul Winston, but now that I have everything together the tie isn't as great a fit as I had hoped.

My question: what tie would work best with a mid blue suit for a wedding. I've looked at Kent Wang's wedding ties, but I worry how they'd work with a blue lighter than navy. Maybe the red or the black and white Shepherd's check? Or, am I overthinking the lilac grenadine tie? Anyway, thanks so much for your help. Here's an image of the suit, and of the current tie:

A1. by @archibaldleach :

First of all, congratulations on the wedding. I am a big advocate for wedding ties. If you're concerned about how it will work with a lighter blue suit, go for a tie that is a bit lighter. A black / white POW is a great choice. If you want to keep the color scheme but deviate from a traditional wedding tie, a silver grenadine tie can be lovely. You could do worse than lilac grenadine, but I think the more traditional options are better.

I also strongly recommend black shoes. If you must do brown shoes, at least do dark brown.

A2. by @RogerC

Nearly every tie will look good with a blue suit and white shirt. Traditional wedding ties will resolve to grey from a distance. If it were me, I'd consider a sky blue spotted tie.

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